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Markita Baba Yaga Ancient Crone Magick
Markita Baba Yaga
Ancient Crone Magick

This enchanting figure is from the gypsy estate of Luminita and holds the Spirit of Markita, a Grandmotherly and Kind Baba Yaga who is very wise and all knowing. She hails from 17th century Kingdom of Hungary, which is modern day Slovakia. This supernatural benevolent entity brings the Wisdom of the Crone and is a powerful Guide & Support during Life’s deaths & rebirths. Markita is a great comfort to have if you’ve experienced grief or loss of loved one or pet. She can help bridge connections to the Spiritual Realm and show you signs loved ones are giving you from the other side. If you are ending one chapter and starting a new one, Markita will help make all transitions smooth ones. She will illuminate the Path you are meant to take. A natural psychic, she exudes raw and effective Magick Abilities. She is able to prophetically see the future and the past; she can tell you what choices you need to make to have a more productive & happy life. Her advice is always wise and effective.

Although she looks like a frail, old woman, her powers are some of the highest of Magickal beings! Markita utilizes the elements of fire, air, earth, water & spirit. Her faithful servants: the White Horseman (“Bright Dawn” ), the Red Horseman(“Red Sun” ) and the Black Horseman(“Dark Midnight” ) who control daybreak, twilight, and nightfall. She utilizes these servants 24 hours a day to bring your wishes to fruition. Once you welcome her, she will consider you her ‘family’ and will protect you from all evil spirits, hexes, black Magick, etc. She utilizes both Black and White Magick in her workings and will utilize both depending on what you’re seeking. If you ask her to, she will personally deal with anyone who’s done you harm or malice and make sure justice is served, so please use the utmost caution with her. Markita understands the mysteries of birth and death and she is a healer who looks after the dying. This loving & sweet Old Baba Yaga will assist you by giving wise advice, gentle guidance and knowledge. She is a very powerful good-luck charm! When she manifests, the wind begins to blow, the trees groan and leaves whirl through the air!

This is a highly paranormally active piece ~ do not welcome if paranormal activity scares you or you’d rather not have an interactive Spirit in your home. She can manifest through any number of ways such as: orbs, mists, light phenomenon, feeling cold spots, seeing shadows and full body apparitions, feeling touched, hearing voices, the figure appears to talk, blink or have moving facial expressions and the figure rotating or moving location.

Markita’s vessel is this vintage porcelain Baba Yaga figure measuring about 8” tall. She is holding a basket filled with Autumnal fruits of grapes and apples (which are Magickal in themselves). This demonstrates the never-ending abundant bounty she will be bringing into your life. Her friendly pup, Boris, also brings you good luck! Find a very special place in your home for them!

Is Markita meant to enhance your Life? You will feel a deep Soul connectedness to her and you won’t be able to get her out of your mind. You might not even know why you need her, but she knows, for she has many blessings in store for you! She may even visit you in visions and in your dreams!

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Markita Baba Yaga Ancient Crone Magick

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