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Make-A-Wish Wishbone Good Luck Charm Amulet

Isn’t this adorable?! I created this enchanting piece during the New Moon utilizing the Ancient Spells of my Celtic Ancestors. The legend of the Wishbone dates back to the 4th Century. Two people pulled on a dried turkey bone (Merrythought) until it snapped (which coined the phrase “lucky break” ), and whomever got the larger portion was believed to have his or her wishes come true. Some people believe that if you keep a wishbone whole, your wish will come true faster. I’ve created this amulet to be a wishing portal ~ simply hold or wear and mentally imbue with your deepest desires. They will be instantly taken to the Cosmos where thousands of benevolent Spirits will hear them and start manifesting them for you, creating a positive turn of events in your life.


The Spells imbued into this piece bring good luck, prosperity, success, happiness, good health, love, new friendships, beneficial relationships, beauty and personal empowerment. It is a channel of good energy & positive chi. Money, wealth and abundance will flock to you! For some people, getting together with family can be very stressful. These Spells bring positive energies whenever we visit with family and friends, during holidays or celebrations, helping to ease tensions, bring patience and usher in an extra dose of cheer. It helps transform the energies around you to those of gratitude, thanksgiving and grace.


Your purchase is for 1 Magick Wishbone Charm composed of several tiny cz gems set in a .925 sterling silver setting. It measures about .75 inches. Free silver-plated chain included. Wear this piece at your Thanksgiving gathering and expect a lot of compliments! (no one will know your secret!) You could also carry or keep someplace special for it to work for you. This Enchanting Charm is sure to be one of your most treasured keepsakes. 


I will include this information with your shipment. Thank you so much for your consideration and have a blessed day! ~xo

Make-A-Wish Wishbone Good Luck Charm Amulet


    S​tarry 1 Night

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