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Magickal Staff of Moses Ring
Magickal Staff of MosesDivine Supernatural Blessings  This Ring was cast in a guarded ceremony involving the Brotherhood of Christ, the most elusive and powerful of Christian Illuminati Secret Organizations. Their Articles are being utilized around the Globe, assisting the top Elite, Nobles, Millionaires and Worldly Influencers. The Brotherhood used Ancient Sacred Illuminati Invocations to imbue this ring with the supernatural powers of the Staff of Moses. Invocations opening Heaven’s gates and assistance by the Holy Family, Moses and Angels resulted in this powerful ring that acts like a vortex through which the Magickal Staff of Moses can assist you!The Staff of Moses held intense Magickal powers and performed many miracles, including; producing water from a rock, transforming into a snake and back, and was used at the parting of the Red Sea. The powers of the Staff gave Moses the ability to influence others with God’s messages, and further God’s plan for him and others on Earth. It can be utilized to destroy evil, bring justice and persuade others to see things your way. This Ring is able to automatically read your hearts desires and, using the will of God, will bring divine manifestations into your life! It brings success, riches, charisma and power! Others will up to you with admiration and respect. Doors will miraculously thrust open for you and your perfect destiny will unfold before you! It will part the seas of turmoil in your life, helping you reach a calm, wise place of discernment. It holds dominion over all Spirits, and can assist in bringing coordination and alignment between all members of your Spiritual team. Ancient Godly knowledge will be gently downloaded into your subconscious so that you are able to make the most beneficial choices on your Earthly path, advancing you father than most mortals. No matter your life situations or what it is you desire to manifest in your world of physical reality, you have the vast ability to draw forth the Power of this Ring, which holds unlimited resources and ultimate solutions to assist you in bringing your desires to fruition!The Staff of Moses Ring features an amazing agate stone set in sterling silver, Size 9. If you look closely, you can see the image of Moses holding the staff! This is the natural formation of this stone, created centuries ago deep within the Earth, to only be carefully excavated, polished, imbued and presented to you today! There are no coincidences! Does not have to be worn to work. Don’t miss out on this incredible Ring if you feel called! There is only 1 like it in the World!All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

Magickal Staff of Moses Ring

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