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Lupo Mannaro Italian Werewolf Tuscan Lycan Male or Female Vessel
Lupo Mannaro
Italian Tuscan
It is my humble pleasure to present you with this enchanting vessel attuned to an Italian Lupo Mannaro Werewolf. They were summoned by several Masters of Stregheria (Italian Witchcraft); La Vecchia Religione ("the Old Religion” ) during a clandestine Midnight Ritual that included specialized Werewolf Sacred oils, herbs, incense and Ancient Incantations. These Werewolves are strong allies with the Exclusive Stregoni Benefici Italian Vampires that I offer! They are some of the most impressive and compelling Werewolves you’ll encounter! I am honored to be your Only source for these Werewolves!

The Tuscan Lupo Mannaro bring positive blessings in all areas. They are incredibly loyal, passionate and positive Spirits. They help you form a deep connection with your Spiritual-self, enhancing your intuition and strengthening your instincts. They help you release the negative and that which no longer serves your higher good, so you can live life more freely. They bring happiness and excitement to your everyday endeavors.

These wise Werewolves make wonderful guides, teachers and, if you so desire, sexual companions. They help you connect or reconnect with your true life’s passions & Spiritual quests. They help enhance your awareness & natural psychic abilities, help you with past life work, assist with animal communication, and bring you strength, confidence and agility. Their powers also include: Beauty & Glamour, Lavish Wealth, Hypnotic Attraction, Popularity, House Protection, Luck & Fortunes, and Protection from Black Magick.

They can shapeshift at any time (not only during the full moon). They can transform into a full wolf, full human, or somewhere in between. In human form, the males are incredibly handsome and the females are strikingly gorgeous. In Wolf form, their fur can be any combination of colors.

Your purchase is for 1 Lupo Mannaro Tuscan Italian Werewolf housed in this beautiful clay vessel with 3 Spellcast Austrian crystal beads (bead coloring may vary). The 3 beads were Spellcast for Wealth, Love & Psychic enhancement.  The front features a 3-dimensional wolf face, and on the back is a forest and an adorable wolf in a howling pose!  It measures about 2” tall (including cork). Cork is removable to carry your own small treasures, if you so choose. Black leather recharging cord included.  Your choice Male or Female (there is no difference in vessel between the two).

No formal ritual required. He or she may even visit you and/or give you signs before your purchase, so if you feel called, do not hesitate in welcoming one!
All pertinent information will be included in your shipment, including some special free gifts.

Lupo Mannaro Italian Werewolf Tuscan Lycan Male or Female Vessel

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