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Lucky Mojo Wish Manifestation Money Candles Green Tealights ~ 4
I Spellcast these Candles during my Full Moon Rituals to draw in money and abundance.  Use them for Any Ritual Work, during your Meditation Sessions or simply to Enjoy!
Utilize these Candles for ALL matters relating to Money ~ heal what’s been holding you back, expand your career or business and break free of financial burdens! Use these candles as an aide to get you to a more positive money place and back on the right financial track.  Mentally Imbue your deepest Wishes into the Candle; lighting the flame frees the Spells within to manifest them into reality!
They are colored Green to attract Money, Prosperity, Good Luck, Business Success & Abundance into your life. Mentally imbue your financial wishes into the candle before you light the flame and focus on seeing them manifest in your Life.  Keep a positivea ttitude and your wishes will easily manifest into reality!  You can also imbue any negative Financial Mentally imbue any negative Financial worries into the candle for resolution and healing. Obstacles impeding you to reaching financial bliss will be destroyed. It will also banish all negative vibes you may have in your Life right now or immediate Aura or Energy Field regarding money. Believe in the Philosophy of Fire ~ burn these candles to help transform your financial situation!
Your purchase is for a set of 4 unscented Spellcast Lucky Mojo Green Tealight Candles. Spellcast during the Full Moon and blessed in my Sacred Space, anointed with Fairy Dust and Patchouli. Due to the herbal topping, these candles need extra care & attention while burning - never leave unattended  Each candle burns for about 4 hours. These beautiful candles are poured in a clear plastic cup with proportional weight so they are able to float on water, adding a uniquely beautiful illumination during your ritual bath, spellworkings or meditations.

Lucky Mojo Wish Manifestation Money Candles Green Tealights ~ 4

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