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Lions Gate Sphinx Solar Lion Illuminati Amulet
Lions Gate

Power of the
Solar Lion

Haunted Masonic

Illuminati Amulet
  This Amulet was cast in a guarded ceremony involving two underground Occult Illuminati Organizations:

The American
Red Order of the Skull
& Bones


The Masonic
Freemasons Scottish
Knights Templar of

Leaders of these two Powerful Sects led a Secret Expedition to the Sphinx in Egypt. Once there, they utilized Ancient Illuminati Invocations to imbue this Lion Amulet with thousands of Exclusive Masonic, Skull & Bones, Illuminati Power Codes! These two Organizations typically only serve top Leaders in Power, however, now is your chance to also own a piece of their Rare Magick!
This piece was Cast from Aug. 08, 2021 - Aug. 12, 2021 during the entire duration of the Lion’s Gateway with the power of the alignment of Sirius and our Sun in Leo!  This brings you: Past Life rebirths and remembering who you are; heightened intuition and wisdom; profoundly loving connection with your Soulmate; prophetic dreams and visions; creation and creativity; and deep cellular healing. 
Every year, a Gateway opens with the heliacal rise of the star Sirius in Egypt. The Nile river floods, enriching the land, concurrently, the Heavens open and flood us with Cosmic Illumination. Known as The Lion's Gateway - the Sun behind the Sun - the light Universes behind the Milky Way - this powerful portal of light code transmissions lasts five days. These incredible Spells will expand your light and physical bodies as well as your conscious mind and propel you into a newly awakened dimensional self. The Lion’s Gate Spell Codes align your Spiritual/Soul frequencies with the core of your physical being, helping you to move forward towards the 5th dimension and assist you in assisting others. You will be able to release fears and have clarity to see what is manipulative and what is beneficial.
This amazing Sphinx Solar Lion pendant is also a Massive Wealth Magnet and Luxury Enhancer, bringing Maximum Business Success and an Abundance of Fortunes. The Spells imbued also protects you from All Evil & those who Wish to do you harm, reversing Hexes, Curses & the Evil Eye. It enhances your own personal powers, such as: Telepathy, Invisibility & Teleportation Skills, Awakens 3rd Eye & Enhances Psychic Abilities, Generates Wisdom & Reveals Akashic Knowledge. It brings you Strength, Self-Confidence, Power and the ability to move quickly & victoriously through any issues.
This piece also makes a deeply aligned Spiritual gift to those with a Leo Zodiac sign (or Leo influences anywhere in their birth/astrology chart), those who walk with a Lion Totem, or Honor the Egyptian God Maahes or Goddesses Bast or Sekhmet, or have a strong feline attraction.
Once you welcome this piece, (and perhaps even before it arrives!) you will automatically start reaping amazing benefits!
Your purchase is for 1 Masonic Illuminati Sphinx Solar Lion’s Amulet featuring a roaring lion atop a dazzling base, with gold IP coloring, all composed of stainless steel.  This is a heavy piece and a black Recharging cord (which you can tie to your desired length) is included.  You do not have to wear the Amulet as simply owning it automatically bestows you its blessings. 
If you feel a strong pull to this piece (and perhaps you’re not even sure why), do not hesitate in making your purchase! It has incredible gifts to bestow you!

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

Lions Gate Sphinx Solar Lion Illuminati Amulet

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