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Leshy Slavic Forest Guardian Black Magick Satanic Illuminati Amulet
This Occult Black Magick Amulet was cast by the Satanic Illuminati Brotherhood, the Sons of Baal. This exclusive Clan only offers their pieces only through my website. They cast incredibly dark Magick Spells based on Centuries old Satanic Illuminati traditions. This particular Magick has been passed down through select Illuminati Bloodlines and cannot be duplicated. Their pieces are currently advancing Dark Illuminati members across the globe, bringing them continuous and endless manifestations!
Utilizing Satanic Slavic Black Magick and during specific astrological alignments, they invoked the Spirit of the Leshy (Leshi) into this amulet. Also known within North America as the Wendigo or Windego, he had a dual nature among Ancient Slavs- some thought him evil, while others thought him helpful. Some would warn their children not to go into the forest, for he would lead them astray. Others who thought that their children were cursed would leave them in the forest for the Leshy to take to be raised by the Forest people. In actuality, the Leshy is a bit of both; he will be helpful to those who are welcoming to him, and harmful to those who are his enemy. In this way, he is an amazing Spirit to help thwart your enemies and also bring you protection. Once in your life, he will regard your enemies as his own and make their lives miserable. He can invisibly hunt them down, take inventory of their life, and bring destruction in their weakest areas.
He will be your Dark Guardian; cunning, wise, and at times mischievous. He will take great pleasure in setting “traps” for your enemies to fall into – not physical traps, rather, setting up situations and encounters with them that will lead to great failures, romantic break-ups, and major embarrassments. There would be no recourse for them other than to start their life over at the bottom.
He is a powerful Protector and will keep other malevolent creatures, demons or curses at bay. You can welcome him into a home with demons; he only goes after beings or energy that is trying to harm you. He embraces the left-handed path and would enjoy partaking in any rituals you may perform of that nature.
He is seldom seen but can often be heard laughing, whistling or singing. He is a shapeshifter and within the forest is as tall as the trees, but once he steps outside of the forest, he is as tall as a blade of grass. He can easily blend into his surroundings in this way to avoid detection. He can take any form, but is often in the form of a tall man with a deer skull head.
Your purchase is for 1 Leshy Spirit Amulet composed of stainless steel and measures about 2” in length, and an open link stainless Recharging Chain which measures about 23” long. You do not have to wear to benefit.
All information will be included in your shipment.

Leshy Slavic Forest Guardian Black Magick Satanic Illuminati Amulet

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