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Lemurian Star Dragon Ring
Lemurian Star Dragon

I’m humbled to present your future Sacred Lemurian Dragon companion summoned & blessed through several Full Moon Rituals on Mt. Shasta, the secret gateway to Lemuria! These Dragons are beings of Light and they have the ability to Illuminate in ways that have been unknown on the Earth plane for many, many years. In the time of Lemuria, there was a large group of Dragons who had the ability to alter matter just by using light energy. Part of altering matter was the ability to alter DNA in your cells and the cells of those who are around you. They are Master Healers, and have come bringing comfort and profound blessings, for you to live the divine life you were meant to live.

These purely White-light, benevolent Dragons are keepers of Akashic Information, Universal Mysteries, Lost Treasures & Secret Alchemistical Codes. They can bestow enlightenment in all areas. They will assist you with your Past Life work & release any blockages from previous karmic retributions. Any Spiritual or Karmic blocks that have been holding you back from reaching your goals will diminish & be released so that you may now move forward in the healthiest way. If you wish to find the path to Spiritual Enlightenment, your Lemurian Star Dragon will Illuminate the path as well as activate latent abilities stored from previous lifetimes.

You will benefit from intensive healing and your Star Dragon will assist you in healing yourself & others through Natural & effective means. Although anyone can welcome one of these Dragons, if you are a Reiki Healer, Shaman or other Holistic Healer, you would benefit greatly with this Dragon by your side. Your Dragon will also bring balance & harmony so you are better able to focus on anything you desire, as well as give you the courage & strength you need to deal with difficult people or situations.

This Ring forms a powerful Grid link of Spiritual Energy to other Stars & Planets in our Solar System & beyond. Your Star Dragon may take you on journeys to these other Realms for enlightenment. Your Dragon is highly psychic, clairvoyant & has the capability to bring your wishes into reality. They offer much guidance if you wish to enhance your own psychic abilities while keeping you grounded. They encourage the Arts and offer motivational boosts in any creative endeavor; writing, acting, singing, drawing, painting, etc. They are the ultimate good fortune bringers and can bless you with untold wealth, riches and luxuries. There is so much your Lemurian Star Dragon can do for you on the most personal of levels. They are more than happy to assist you with anything and offer their unwavering loyal guidance & support.

These are massively huge dragons that manifest as a Western-looking Dragon with massive wings and dark blue with sparkling ‘stars’ on their scales. You might also see him or her manifest somewhat invisibly within the star