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Lemurian DNA Activation Boost Update Restoration - Maintenance
This is a Lemurian Angelic Update Restoration for those of you who’ve already had the DNA Activation+++ service performed (see separate listing). You cannot purchase this service without first having the Lemurian Angelic DNA Awakening, Repair & Activation performed.

For some people the DNA Activation+++ is a one-time process. They feel good and feel all aspects of the Activation will carry them through the rest of their lives. For most others, the DNA Activation will be a blessing for many weeks, months or years, but with all of the trials and stressors of life, the energies will weaken their physical, mental and spiritual bodies. How soon you need this Update/Restoration after your DNA Activation is based on your own intuition and there is no timeline. It could be days, weeks or months. The time you feel it’s best for you will be the best time. You can have this process repeated as often as you like.

This service will boost and realign your energy systems back to previous DNA Activation standards. It will cleanse your Aura, remove any Etheric cords that may have attached themselves, and re-repair DNA breakage and cellular damage.

You will intuitively know when you need this Activation Update as you will feel any of the following: weakness/lack of energy, unable to get motivated or stay motivated/sluggish, overly stressed, anxious or depressed, prolonged or continual physical illness/dis-ease, unable to make connections with others, jealousy, lower/ego thoughts that aren’t healthy for you, unable to make connections with Spirits, feeling a general disconnect from the physical and/or Spiritual, feeling obstacles are holding you back from reaching your goals or feeling as though life overall is not working in your favor.

Get yourself back on track with this DNA energy boost! There is nothing formal required of you. Please let me know your name and date of birth upon checkout. I will schedule you in at my next earliest available time/date.  

Since this is a service I am providing for you, there is nothing shipped in the mail.

Name and date of birth:

Lemurian DNA Activation Boost Update Restoration - Maintenance

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