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Lemurian Angelic DNA Awakening, Repair & Activation + Much More!!
This service entails a Distance Spiritual Awakening & Activation utilizing my Lemurian Guides, Angels, my Lemurian Recordkeeping Crystal, Oils, Herbs & much more. This is a Spiritual Energy Transferrence ~ a direct Energetic Activation, Awakening & Repair of your DNA Strands. DNA is what makes you, well YOU! These strands hold many mysteries, not only including what your hair and eye color will be, but so many other deep Spiritual Energies. Your DNA also includes past life information that you may not be aware of as well as your spiritual purpose in life.
Scientists believe we only use 3% of our current 2 strand DNA! Wow! That’s a lot of remaining DNA to be unlocked, activated & utilized! We have 2 strands of DNA in our physical body and up to 144 strands in our Etheric body!
Your DNA holds negative Spiritual Energy such as addictions to food, drugs, etc., past karmic consequences (typically any trouble/curses/issues from one person is carried along through the family DNA), for example, failing businesses/being poor/financial trouble and more. Your DNA can also become damaged due to stress or other environmental factors. Science proves mutagens occur with too much exposure to harmful free radicals and chemicals as well as radiation, such as UV light, X-Rays, or other electromagnetic radiation. This causes double-strand DNA to become damaged & in some instances, actually break!
Activating your DNA will clear all of the negative Spiritual Energy from your DNA Strands and replace them with Positive, Loving, White-light Energy. This activation and reprogramming will automatically sense & repair any damage or breaks in your DNA.
I also incorporate a Painless Etheric Cord Cutting with the assistance of Archangel Michael and his Holy Sword! This releases the Stagnant Spiritual Energy that surrounds you & your DNA from any past karmic debt, negative past life choices, and current life choices that are or were detrimental to you. Do not allow the bad karma from your past lives or family lineage to affect you any longer! This process destroys all negative energy and blocks that may be surrounding you so that you can communicate better with Spirits.
This is a complex ritual and I’m proud to be able to combine all of these services into one! I have been undertaking this study for decades, with exceptional results. As the Earth shifts into even stronger & higher levels of consciousness, more and more people are becoming aware of the power of this type of Service. I feel a strong calling to Activate others as Gaia Earth enters new & higher levels of Awareness.
My ceremonies take about 4 – 5 hours for me to complete for you ~ you don't have to do anything special.  I will email you the following day with a report of my findings.
Please note if you are a Reiki Healer, Shaman or other Holistic Healer, the positive Energies you receive from this Service will radiate from you & be gently passed on to your clients ~ your sessions with them will be filled with loving energy & your treatments will be very effective! You will also draw incredible & friendly new clients to you!
After this process & over the next few days, weeks and months, you will notice significant changes in your overall health & wellbeing. You will feel more harmonious; you will have easy access to the wisdom of the Universe and your psychic abilities will be tremendously enhanced.
I will be activating and enhancing your DNA so imbedded secret codes will now be released into your consciousness and you’ll retain and be a magnet for knowledge! You will want to learn much more about Metaphysical Studies & you’ll be drawn to appropriate books & tools to assist you on this wonderful path!
Your health & immune system will increase as your DNA changes & becomes even stronger against sickness & disease.

Purchase your 144 DNA Strand Awakening, Repair & Activation, Aura Cleansing, Cord Cutting, and Karmic Debt Erasing ~ALL IN ONE~ and embrace the NEW & BETTER YOU!!
This is a service I provide for you, you will not receive anything in the mail.
Thanks so much for putting your trust in me for this incredible experience!  I look forward to working with you!
Love & Light!
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Lemurian Angelic DNA Awakening, Repair & Activation + Much More!!


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