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Lady Luck Gambling Money Multiplier Wealth Riches Ring
Lady Luck
Money Multiplier
Wealth Riches Ring

I Spell Cast this Ring during the New/Dark Moon with powerful Wealth Spells from my Ancestors Grimoire. The best time to perform Wealth Magick is during this time, as the Moon Grows, so will your Prosperity. These are powerful Ancient Spells that will intrinsically align with your Aura and bring you their blessings.

These Spells help you gamble and win big, increasing your chances of winning games of chance, lottery, cards, slots, bingo, random draw and casino games. Per the Laws of Nature, you won’t win every single time, but your chances of winning will increase dramatically. If the Universal forces are aligned in your favor, it is possible to get massive amounts and quick cash money with this ring! Knowing there is a secret ebb and flow to games of chance, these Spells will make the flow to you that much more powerful. Some days you will even hit the big jackpot prize!

These Spells automatically focus on the energies in your home and environment, naturally changing those which are negative into positive. Other’s destructive jealousy/evil eye energies will be obliterated, so as not to affect you. Any familial poverty or negative attributes regarding money will be erased, so you can build real financial wealth & security in this lifetime. You can start to pay off those debts and put more money towards your goals. All obstacles will be destroyed so you will have a clear path to tapping into the flow of luck and abundance the Universe has to offer!

You will have a cash windfall of increased luck and wealth in all other areas of your life; including: raises or better job offers, finding the best deals, inheritances, finding money on the ground, refunds, and placing you directly on the path to opportunities that bring you increased prosperity! You will gain fortunes through personal success in all aspects of your life!

You can become the millionaire or billionaire you’ve always wanted and live the life of luxury! Do what you want, when you want with the freedom to pursue what you were meant to do here on Earth!

Your purchase is for 1 Lady Luck Money Multiplier Ring featuring a deck of cards with the Royal Flush hand ~ the best you can get!  Set in stainless steel, Size 9. Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special to be bestowed its incredible blessings. Rub the cards before you purchase your scratch/lotto tickets, and/or go to the gambling casino for extra luck!

All information will be included in your shipment.

Lady Luck Gambling Money Multiplier Wealth Riches Ring

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