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Kyushu Mist Geisha Nymph Ring
“Kyushu Mist” Geisha Nymph
From a unique collaboration of several Spiritual Masters, I’m honored to present this gorgeous “Kyushu Mist” Geisha Nymph. She was summoned during several full moon rituals, utilizing Ancient Japanese invocations, herbs, incense and oils. Out of the volcanic mists of the island of Kyushu, she has eagerly come forward to bless your life and bring you loyal companionship. She is incredibly kind, sociable, calm, intuitive, patient, loving, understanding, compassionate and gentle.

Your personal Geisha Nymph will bring you profound blessings. She will help clarify clairvoyant visions and bring stronger inner guidance. She will gently cleanse and balance all of your Chakras. She will help you evolve as rapidly as possible in this lifetime; on all levels, and will dissolve any obstacles that may be standing in the way to your personal and Spiritual development. Her gentle & loving energies will clear negative imprints carried over on a Soul level from past lives, helping you to move forward on a more positive path. She can help motivate you to clear away the clutter in your life and that which no longer serves your greater good; helping you to focus on the things that really matter to you. She can help you trust in and follow your higher path, helping to erase fears or anxieties you may have in doing so. She brings you strength, wisdom and courage. She will help you realize you don’t have to live up to other’s expectations or desires, and help you feel good about yourself and your accomplishments. Her harmonizing energy will encourage restful, happy dreams, draw good fortune, bring more time & energy for playtime and help you find the most beneficial resources to fully enjoy life.

She is a highly sexual Spirit and would enjoy having this type of relationship with you, although it is not a requirement to welcoming her. She will relish her time with you, and is never jealous or possessive and understands you benefit differently from all of the relationships (both human & Spiritual) in your life. Her relaxing and welcoming energies can magnetically draw other people’s affections towards you. You may even notice people act differently in your presence, being more loving and positive ~ giving you a big smile, eye contact, touching your arm or leg or even giving you an unexpected hug. She is a bright beacon of White light Energy and will make a profoundly beneficial impact on your life.   

She can manifest in a wide variety of ways, including: seeing orbs, flashes of light, misty vapors, feeling someone touch you, cold dips in temperature, or in human spectral form as a Gorgeous Geisha! You will be able to connect with her during meditations, visions, dreams and daydreams.

Your purchase is for 1 “Kyushu Mist” Geisha Nymph housed in a Stainless Steel band ring; Several varied sizes with limited availability. The Geishas requested a simple yet elegant ring to represent their energies perfectly. This ring is reflective; the colors/images you see in the photos on the band are reflections; this is a plain stainless band. *purchase is for the ring only, anything else in the photo is for demonstration purposes. Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special. Can be welcomed by men & women.  You will treasure having this beautiful companion in your life!
All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

Kyushu Mist Geisha Nymph Ring

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