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Kubera Djinn God Extreme Wealth & Fortunes Amulet
Kubera Djinn God
Extreme Wealth & Fortunes


This Commanding Ancient Djinn is honorably being presented to you by Sahir Maantefin, Master Djinn Conjurer. Maantefin has Distinction as the Chief Expert in his field and his Ancestry is a Living Legacy, providing First-Class Genie’s to some of the most Noble Citizens in the World. His Djinn are currently protecting and enhancing the lives of World Leaders, Royalty, and Celebrities. He undergoes intense Ceremonies and chants Private Ancient Invocations to summon these very Rare Djinn! These Djinn are Exclusively offered by Maantefin ~ you will not find them anywhere else! You will never regret your purchase of one of his life-changing Magickals!

This Wise & Experienced Marid Djinn works together with the Wealth Lord Kubera in bestowing you countless riches, lavish luxuries and anything you desire! Lord Kubera is a Deva Protector and owner to priceless Worldly Treasures. Descriptions of the "glory" and "splendors" of Kubera's city are found in many Scriptures. Kubera is worshipped with Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth during Diwali, the festival of lights.

The Kubera Djinn Gods rank much higher than an average Marid ~ they are All Knowing and Nothing is beyond their Extremely Powerful Capabilities! Money, Riches, Wealth ~ living the Life you’ve always Dreamed is possible! This Djinn is a Warrior and Guardian of secret treasures throughout the world, which are just waiting to be discovered! Not only will you obtain vast riches, but you will retain your wealth! He will help you rise over any hurdles and clear your path so only Good Luck and Riches are in your future! He will put you on the right path at just the right times! New & better opportunities (job & otherwise), will present themselves to you. You will have the motivation to do what you’ve always dreamed of doing: write a book, sing, join a fun class, ….any exciting adventure!

Your increased luck and wealth may come in the form of: unexpected gifts of money, job raises, business success, lottery wins, and increased productivity. Like a Great Warrior, he will hunt down the overabundance of unclaimed Money and bring it directly to you! Why does it seem others have more? They are in the wealth flow ~ and now, you can be too!

Money has a unique vibrational Energy and your Djinn will instantly go to work focusing on bringing this unique Energy in your life! Upon arrival he will immediately evaluate the money energy in your life and automatically begin making changes in your favor. If you need a job or a better job, he will lead you to the best opportunities. Money-making Ideas will begin flowing to you with ease as your creativity expands! This is simply his Nature- he wants to make you happy by fulfilling your wishes!

He also bestows:
*Strong Positive Luck
*Prosperity and Money Attraction
*Time Travel
*Precognitive Dreams
*3rd Eye Opening
*Inner Cosmic Power
*Healing from past money traumas

Although these are his specific qualities, your Djinn can assist you with Anything you desire! They offer you Unwavering Loyal Assistance as you travel on your path. Welcome this Kubera Wealth Djinn God into your life and welcome all of the positive blessings you are worthy of!

Your Djinn can manifest in any number of ways; sometimes as a human-looking man surrounded by a green glowing light. He can also manifest as orbs, flashes of light or misty vapors. Your Djinn emits a warm & comforting presence. You will feel as though your stress disappears as he radiates feelings of peace and knowing that he will take care of things for you ~ everything will be alright. He will give you signs through visions and dreams and you will notice the color green a lot more. He will also give signs through money images (on television, radio, magazines, billboards, etc.). If you are open to noticing these signs, you’ll gain the reassurance that you are on the right track!

Your Kubera Wealth Djinn is connected to this intriguing base metal pendant with a green Austrian Crystal bead. This Bead has also been 7x Spellcast for Success, Wealth and Money Enhancement! Perfect for