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King Solomon Covenant Djinn Wishing Portal Bracelet
From a unique collaboration through my associates Maantefin and Lord Sinclair, I'm honored to offer this powerful King Solomon Covenant Djinn Wishing Portal bracelet.  During specific lunar phases and through several covert ceremonies, a portal to Solomons Most Powerful Djinn was opened!  The sheer energies of these intense Rituals were only a mere fraction of the extreme blessings they will bring into your life! The Covenant Djinn will form an unbreakable, lifelong Spiritual contract with you, to loyally serve you, make you happy in all ways, and make your life the best it can be.  Your wishes will go directly to the special Covenant Djinn that King Solomon utilized!  These Djinn performed incredible, miraculous feats, and will do the same for you!

 They can bring you vast wealth & riches, love & romance, protection, success, enhanced psychic abilities or anything you desire!  You do not have to bond with any singular Djinn, it will automatically find the best Covenant Djinn to assist you based on your specific wish.  They are all very eager to assist you! You can ask as many wishes as you desire ~ their power is limitless!

 Once you welcome this potent Occult Bracelet, many astonishing things begin to occur! Old problems that you may have struggled with for years with suddenly begin to dissolve because you no longer feel that you have to come up with the solutions. You simply know that the perfect Covenant Djinn has already created the solution for you and in the perfect time, it will appear!  Spiritual doors suddenly swing open and better opportunities quickly start unfolding before you! You are no longer fighting, resisting, worrying or feeling concern over anything ~ you are simply allowing your Life to move into Higher and Higher Flows where the Covenant Djinn bring you only the most Positive occurring Manifestations! Ask, Believe & Receive! Stay focused on the positive and the energy will begin flowing and you open the floodgates for Everything you are meant to Be, Have and Experience!

Your purchase is for 1 beautiful King Solomon Covenant Djinn Wishing Portal Bracelet composed of Magickal Suleiman Agate beads. It is elastic and will fit most wrist sizes. You do not have to wear to enjoy the benefits.  Because it is so rare, I only have limited stock available, so don't miss out if you feel called!

Suleiman Agate stones hold a special Magick energy and are highly revered throughout the Middle East.  Their supernatural powers have been shrouded in mystery for centuries. These beads were mined from a secret location known only to King Solomon. Legend states that the agate he found was a solid color, but when in his divine presence, the stripes on them miraculously appeared.  They are able to impart the same power and wisdom King Solomon possessed, and also are used to manage Djinn.  They have been prized by families for generations through their belief to preserve health and heal sickness.
**do not substitute for proper medical care, always see your healthcare provider for any illness you may have.

 All information will be included in your shipment.

King Solomon Covenant Djinn Wishing Portal Bracelet

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