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Kabbalah Lucky 7 Wealth Generator & Money Multiplier Ring
From a profound grouping of Several Jewish Spiritual Masters, I am honored to present this most Powerful Wealth Drawing piece. The Rabbis performed intense Spiritual Ceremonies based on the teachings of the Talmud and Kabbalah, studying for several years and deeply immersed in Hebrew Magick & Mysticism, hidden mystical Codes were discovered and insight into the Divine Nature was revealed. According to their findings, our physical universe operates according to a series of Laws governed by a Spiritual system. They have decrypted these Cosmic Codes and are able to focus these Spiritual Laws of Wealth & Abundance to directly bless your Life!
This Ring will provide blessings in all areas of Money & Finance; Money Drawing & Multiplier, Business Success, Raises, Climbing the Ladder, Manifesting the Right Career, Gambling Luck, Debt Eliminator, Unexpected Gifts of Cash, Finding Money & Hidden Treasure and much more that will be unique to you alone. In Mystical Kabbalah, the number 7 is considered a Magickal and Mysterious Number. It represents wealth, enlightenment, love, harmony, beauty and balance. It is a powerful number for transactions involving money, payments, winnings, negotiating contracts and agreements.
You will begin to have a greater awareness for the number 7 (including 77, 777, etc.) and you will start to notice this number popping up everywhere! Take heed to these signs! Besides being a Wealth generator & Gambling Good Luck piece, there are also thousands of protection Spells placed upon this Ring. It will protect you from the Evil eye and negative forces. Sometimes when one gains wealth, others look upon you with jealousy or even hatred. This piece will stop those forces from affecting you or your winning streaks. It will also help you with gaining courage & confidence, trusting your instincts, tapping into your inner strength and harnessing the power of Life. If you are serious about obtaining Wealth in this Lifetime, and especially if you have not had much luck so far, perhaps it is time to try something completely new & different.
Allow the deep secrets of this Kabbalistic Jewish Magick talisman work for you! It does not matter your religious beliefs, it will benefit anyone that genuinely wants to be financially blessed!
Your purchase is for 1 Magick Kabbalah Lucky 7 Ring composed of stainless steel. Please choose your size from the drop down menu.  You do not have to wear it to be bestowed its blessings, but it is recommended you hold or place it on your body a few times a day to allow the Energy of this piece to vibrate through your body and Spirit.
All information will be included in your shipment.

Kabbalah Lucky 7 Wealth Generator & Money Multiplier Ring

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$299.99Sale Price

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