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Jewel of Mumbai Apsara Avatar Princess Amulet

    Jewel of Mumbai
Apsara Avatar

Apsaras are Gorgeous female Hindu Deities, Celestial Nymphs, known as “Pure Beings" of the Clouds & Waters who bring the Ultimate in Wish-Granting!

According to the Vedas, Magick was given to mortals by the Hindu Gods for the sake of doing good as well as self-defense. These Apsaras were summoned by an Elder Yogi, who incorporates a special arrangement of Magickal Verses from Ancient Hindu Religious Scripture. His ceremonies include the purifying energies of Shatkarma as well as the powers of Mantra and Tantra, calling upon the Powers of Hindu God Shiva & Goddess Kali. Apsaras are very difficult to summon and can only be done utilizing select sacred oils, rare temple incense and hard to find herbs. He chants, prays and fasts for over a month to summon these beautiful beings and the end result is an astoundingly powerful talisman!

Apsaras are Celestial Madiens of Movement and they are depicted on Ancient Temple walls as sophisticated dancing figures. They are experts in seduction, erotic dancing & tantric love making. They are Supernatural Divine Entities and can appear as Extremely Beautiful, Graceful & Elegant Women. They bring very strong protection & guards over you & all within your home! These are the presiding Deities that rule over Wealth, Good Luck, Riches, Success and Abundance!

Out of Magickal Mumbai, the richest City in India, comes this Breathtaking Jewel Apsara Avatar Celestial Nymph Princess! Allow this Charming Apsara to join you on your life’s journey as she lovingly brings blessings in all areas; success, prosperity, psychic abilities, abundance, gifts and good fortune. As a deity of movement and dance, she will help open your innate creative powers; helping strengthen all areas of the Arts, such as writing, painting, dancing, singing, etc. She is a wealth generator and joyfully lavishes her Companion with riches & jewels! She is also a highly Sexual Spirit and can bring you tantric physical pleasures beyond your wildest imagination, if you so desire!

Your Apsara Avatar Nymph also brings enhanced Psychic abilities: opening of your 3rd eye, clairvoyance, Kundalini awakening, Chakra balancing, dissolving past Karmic debts, Spiritual growth, Protection, Healing & Harmony! She embodies a Gentle, Uplifting Vibrational Energy which in turn will make you feel more relaxed, happy and uplifted! Since she is a Deity of Movement and Flow, she will sweep away negative energy and bring in positive. She is a Powerful conductor of Positive Spiritual Energy and can help you move through issues faster and with greater ease and joy.

Your Apsara will bring you:
Prosperity, Wealth & Riches
Sexual Vitality & Enhancement
Lively, Warm and Personable Energy, Providing Inspiration
Special Protection, Safety and Blessings for You & your Home
Support in all of your Goals or through Difficult Challenges
Your own personal “Heaven on Earth!”

Your purchase is for 1 Jewel of Mumbai Apsara Avatar Celestial Nymph housed in this dazzling infinity knot crystal Amulet. Pictures enlarged to show detail, this small piece measures about .75” in length. The Infinity Knot is a deeply Spiritual Symbol and used in Ancient India and Tibet to represent perfection and dualism. It also represents the joining of two separate circles as the unity of partners in order to express eternal love and devotion to each other. It is an Ancient symbol with no beginning and no end, representing the interweaving of the Spiritual path, the flowing of time and movement within that which is Eternal. Free silver plated recharging chain included!

I introduced Apsaras to the ebay marketplace back in 2005! Many fraudulent sellers have copied my listings!  Trust the Original Source for this incredibly Rare Spirit!

Jewel of Mumbai Apsara Avatar Princess Amulet

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