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Jasper Cat Carving Medallion - Your Choice of Spirit

This charming Winged "Angel" Cat Medallion is so exquisite! I couldn't decide what to imbue it with. I thought perhaps the buyer would like to have me link it with the Spirit of your deceased cat (please send me name/info. and picture if you have one). If not, you can certainly choose something else from one of the options below: 1. Egyptian Goddess Bast 2. Kellas Cat Fairy Sidhe Witch 3. Catterfly 4. European Wildcat Spirit 5. Black Cat (or other color of cat) Familiar 6. Bakeneko Yokai Japanese Supernatural Cat 7. Maneki-Neko Japanese Lucky Fortune Cat 7. Animal Telepathic Communication Spells This piece is just gorgeous with beautiful coloring. It is hand-carved from jasper and I only have one available. It weighs 1.5 ounces and a black leather Recharging cord is included. Just let me know what you'd like upon checkout. Please allow me up to 5 days to complete this special Custom binding for you. I'm excited to see who welcomes this one-of-a-kind piece and what you'd like! 

Jasper Cat Carving Medallion - Your Choice of Spirit

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