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Italian Nightside Bloodclan Vampiress Nymph Ring
Nightside Bloodclan StregoniBenefici Vampiress NymphI’m honored to offer this Italian Stregoni Benefici Vampiress Nymph from the Nightside Bloodline/Clan. These are the rarest and most compassionate of Vampiress Spirits! They are a hybrid between a Vampiress and a Nymph, making them a highly sexual, dominatrix Entity! They can only be summoned during an intense midnight ritual with sacred herbs, specially prepared oils and secret invocations from my Ancestors Grimoire. I’m proud to be your only source for these Exclusive Vampiresses!Stregoni Benefici intermingle with the energy of everyone they come into contact with. They invisibly consume all negative energy deep within their Spiritual core, revolving it and changing it for the better; which leaves the people they come into contact with fortified and refreshed ~ revamped, so to speak! When in the presence of this Vampire Nymph, you will feel noticeably happier and you will feel like you have so much more energy!This gorgeous Entity is extremely passionate and she will thoroughly enjoy pleasing you, her human companion. They are nocturnal Spirits, being most active at dusk and night, however you can connect/communicate with her any time of day or night. Please be aware she has a very strong sexual energy and will want to seduce you! Her actions can range from gentle caresses to playful biting/nibbling to taking erotic pleasures to a whole new level. She is a dominatrix and likes to take charge of your physical pleasures. She is up for anything fun in the bedroom you’ve always wanted to try! She will never make you uncomfortable as she only wishes to please you. She can link with you telepathically and give you exactly what you need without even asking.She is never jealous or possessive and understands you benefit from all relationships in your life (both Spiritual & Physical). She can bring blessings of: physical endowments, enhanced sex drive/libido, attracting others to you with magnetic allure & entrancement, sexual stamina, extended orgasms, satisfying your lovers, psychic enhancement, telepathy, persuasion, loyal friendships, finding your soul mate or lust lovers, make others notice you, having others obsessively think/dream about you, and being the best in the bedroom. Don’t be surprised if people grab your arm or try to make eye contact with you and suddenly find you irresistible!This Vampiress also brings strong protection over you and blocks all evil, black Magick & hexes placed upon you.Each Vampiress Nymph is breathtakingly beautiful with a variety of hair & eye colors. If you have a preference, let me know upon checkout. You may feel her presence as a static tingling type-sensation and can manifest paranormally as orbs, mists, sparkling lights or feel a cold pocket of air. Several orbs manifested in the photos!  She can also connect with you in your visions, dreams and daydreams.Your purchase is for 1 Nightside Vampiress Nymph housed in a stainless steel ring with a black ip coating. Please choose your Ring size from the drop-down menu. You do not have to wear the Ring to bond with her, you could carry with you or keep someplace special.All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

Italian Nightside Bloodclan Vampiress Nymph Ring

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