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Irish Wealth Spirit Portal Money Bringer Triskele Amulet
Irish Wealth Spirit
Portal Amulet
Utilizing the teachings of my Celtic Ancestors, I’ve created this Irish Wealth Spirit Portal to the Supernatural Spirits of the Tuatha De Danann (Aes Sidhe). This includes Fairies, Elves, Leprechauns, Clurichauns, Pucas, Merrow, Cat Sidhe, Cu Sith and much more. Thousands of these helpful and generous Wealth-drawing Spirits will automatically come through this gateway to bless your life!

The energy of these Spirits are specifically aligned to attract Riches & Prosperity, therefore, that is what will manifest when you have them in your life. Once you welcome this Amulet, you Spiritually connect with a parallel world where these Spirit roam free, far and wide to gather wealth and return their treasures directly to you!
Their only missions are to find as much wealth as possible for their keeper and they are very eager to do so! Your cash can manifest in the many different forms, such as through unexpected gifts of money, gambling luck, investment success, raises/promotions, a new, better paying career, good luck, finding money and discovering treasures.
These Spirits also work with the Law of Attraction to help you shift your beliefs regarding money: don’t think it is bad or limited, or that you don’t deserve it, will never have enough, etc. Rather, your thoughts will shift to positives regarding money, and trust in knowing there is a vast, unlimited supply. This builds solid financial security year after year as your wealth grows! If you need to transform the Wealth Energies in your life, do not hesitate in welcoming!

Your purchase is for 1 Irish Wealth Spirit Portal Amulet composed of sterling silver with a sterling silver Recharging Chain. The Triskele has many representations such as: Earth/Sky/ Water, Past/Present/Future, Life/Death/Rebirth and much more. It helps one to keep persevering and moving forward despite obstacles and also brings Spiritual Enlightenment. Does not have to be worn to benefit, as simply owning will bring you its gifts. It measures about .75” in total length (including bail).

All information will be included in your shipment.

Irish Wealth Spirit Portal Money Bringer Triskele Amulet

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