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Irish Bog Oak Magick Talisman Druid Crafted & Blessed
Irish Bog Oak
Magick Talisman
Druid Blessed 

From the Ancient Tara Hill in Ireland, I’m honored to present this Rare Bog Oak Magick Talisman. This 6,000 year old wood was hand-carved by an Irish Druid, charged on Tara Hill, and blessed daily for 2 years. Tara Hill is one of the most Sacred places on Earth, a known Fairy Portal and the center of a massive energy vortex. Irish legend states it is a Magickal home to the Gods and a doorway to other worlds. Bog Oak is a profoundly mysterious wood that’s been buried in the Irish peat bogs for thousands of years. The wood gradually becomes a dark black/brown color due to tannins dissolved in the water.

Imbued with limitless Magickal Powers, this Talisman can act as a Vortex to the Spiritual Realm; helping you communicate with Spirits. It also draws negativity out of you when worn; negative energies and Spirits are magnetically pulled into the wood & dissolved. A powerful good luck charm, this piece draws positive people, energies and opportunities to you. It can manifest your deepest wishes. Paranormal activity can occur with this piece; it has the ability to move from one place to another, or move (such as swing back & forth)/vibrate when holding or wearing. It will assist you with Astral Projection, Travel & Past Life Work. It can bring lucid, premonition and prophetic dreams, clairvoyance and help open your 3rd eye. This powerfully protective piece stops Evil Spirits from harming you and protects against curses/hexes and misfortune. Once aligned with your energies, it will bring personal blessings that are intended for you alone.  You can welcome it if you have dark arts/black magick entities.  It won't affect them.

No formal ritual required, but suggested wearing initially for 3 days so it can bond with your energies.

Your purchase is for 1 Magick Irish Bog Oak Talisman, which measures about 1” in length and comes with a tied black leather cord.
*Please note, this wood's color is from aged tannins, therefore natural color variations do occur. Your amulet might not be as dark as pictured, however if you desire the darkest amulet I have available, let me know upon checkout. 

All information will be included in your shipment.

Irish Bog Oak Magick Talisman Druid Crafted & Blessed


    S​tarry 1 Night

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