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Invisible Masters Sicilian Aristocrats Italian Vatican Illuminati Ring
Invisible Masters
Sicilian Aristocrats
Italian Vatican
Illuminati Ring
This Ring was Spellcast in a covert Ceremony within secret underground Chambers in Vatican City. These Catacombs have been Secret meeting places of the Vatican Illuminati Sect for Centuries. These powerful Illuminati members utilize King Solomon’s Pentacles and Ancient Biblical Codes for Manifestation. This exclusive Brotherhood consists of Sicilian Aristocrats and Italian Grand Masters known as the “Invisible Masters.” They are aligned with the Vatican to bring God’s divine blessings and miraculous changes into your life!

The Heavenly Spells of this Ring will bless you with tremendous wealth & riches, especially for those whose life mission involves helping others/those less fortunate. Your Earthly mission has not gone unnoticed and you may gain as much money as you need to bless others. The Spells also include those for Love and finding your true Soul Mate. Others will be drawn to you like a magnet and find you irresistible! You will also be blessed with good health, healing, protection against all Evil, obliterating obstacles & curses, erasing family Karmic debts, psychic illumination, 3rd eye opening & pituitary gland cleansing & activation so you can communicate with Spirits. For anyone feeling “stuck,” feeling like your bad luck is overwhelming, or not sure where to turn, it will help propel you forward to the life you’ve always dreamed. Positive new people, opportunities and situations will present themselves to you as if by Magick! This Ring perfectly attunes to your Spiritual Energy Signature (Aura) and will manifest that which you desire most. There is nothing beyond the limits of what this incredible Ring can do for you!

This Ring is composed of stainless steel, whole sizes 8, 9 & 10, as available & limited. It is packed full of several Alchemical Symbols Sacred to the Illuminati. The face displays a Masonic compass, Celestial bodies of the sun, moon & stars, Pyramid with the All Seeing Eye, Skull and Crossbones and the phrase: “Aude, Vide, Tace” which means, “Hear, See, Be Silent.” The two pillars, Boaz and Jachin. And a Skull & Crossbones on one side of the band, and a Masonic Square & Compass on the other. Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special and you will be bestowed its immense blessings!
All information will be included with your shipment. Thank you for your consideration. Warmest blessings, ~xo

Invisible Masters Sicilian Aristocrats Italian Vatican Illuminati Ring

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