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Infernal Vampire Portal Ring Hellfire Club
Infernal Vampire

Portal Ring

Hellfire Club

This Ring was imbued exclusively by current secret members of the Black Magick Satan Worshipers of the Hellfire Club. Established in the 18th Century, these high-ranking Illuminati Members formed these Dark Occult Societies throughout Britain and Ireland. Their unique Vampiric Invocations are Centuries old and summon the most powerful of Ancient Infernal Vampires that roam the English Countryside. Thousands of these Immortal Vampires will enter through this Portal and use their potent Black Magick to assist your life.

These Vampires have advanced abilities which can also be transferred to you. They can read minds and reveal the true thoughts and motives of others. Their keen sense of hearing can help you listen in on conversations you otherwise wouldn’t have heard. You will discover what others truly think about you. These Vampires use hypnosis to control other’s emotions, making them respect and love you. Through telekinesis, they can move objects with their mind. Supernatural Regeneration- Vampires can heal from wounds and disabilities. Wounds from bullets and crossbows have little effect on them.

They bring powerful Dark Protection over you, stopping all Demons or Evil Spirits from harming you. They stop others from draining your life force energy and return all curses/hexes back to their senders.

They are extremely generous Vampires that open the gates to luxury, money, success and riches.

They feed only on the life essence of your enemies or those who are doing you harm. They will intrinsically know who they are but if you prefer you can also directly name them. This will deplete your enemy’s life-force, making them feel exhausted and confused, unable to make sound judgements or appropriate decisions. These Vampires will immediately form a loyal pact with you and will never feed off you or those you love.

They never age and are always incredibly young, agile, beautiful and virile. They can bestow you with these benefits; increasing youthfulness in all areas; making time stand still or reverse, as wrinkles lessen and your hair turns thick & lush. They bring an increase vigor and self-confidence, helping you to move forward with strength and determination. They can increase your sexuality, encircling you with a raw, passionate allure others find irresistible! You will become a sex magnet and others will be inexplicably attracted to you - unable to stop fantasizing about you! These Vampires have quick reflexes and can bring you amazing agility. They can help you quickly accomplish your goals and go about your life with precision and accuracy.

Your purchase is for 1 Hellfire Vampire Portal Ring, composed of stainless steel and features a 3-dimensional coffin held by two skeletons. Please choose your size from the drop-down menu. No formal ritual required. There is no 1 Vampire you need to bond with, this ring is a Vortex through which the best Hellfire Vampires come through to work on your specific needs. Does not have to be worn to benefit. This will quickly be one of the most cherished in your collection!

All information will be included in your shipment.

Infernal Vampire Portal Ring Hellfire Club

$666.66 Regular Price
$246.66Sale Price

    S​tarry 1 Night

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