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Incredible Djinn God King Rays of Ra Egyptian Ring
Rays of Ra

Royal Djinn King

This powerful Djinn was summoned by Master Conjurer, Maantefin. This is not Egyptian Magick that can be found in any book ~ this is Countless Generations of focused Knowledge, Traditions and Experience. Having learned Ancient Djinn Techniques from his Father, Grandfather, Great-Grandfather and beyond, his lineage has provided millions of people with the World’s Most Powerful Talismans.  They truly are the best of the best!  He has devoted over 60 years to Conjuring All things Magickal and with his Expertise, there is nothing he cannot accomplish. This Top Level Djinn will bring you extravagant blessings upon blessings!

This Royal Marid Djinn King embodies the Rays of Ra: life changing & purifying Solar Energy to transform your Life for the better! This Djinn works in accordance with the Major Egyptian Sun God, “Ra”. Ra was considered to be the King of the Gods and thus the patron of the Pharaohs and one of the central Gods of the Egyptian pantheon. He was also described as the Creator of everything. The Egyptians built solar temples in honor of Ra. Unlike the standard type of Egyptian temple, these temples were open to the sunlight and did not feature a statue of the god because he was represented by the sunlight itself.

This strong and determined Djinn brings the ultimate in loyalty and friendship. Knowing the Secrets of Ra & Egyptian Heka Magick, he will assist you with advanced personal & Spiritual growth. He is very dedicated, seeking to manifest your most secret of desires. Through the powers of Ra, he can grant any and as many wishes as you desire; be they for love, wealth, protection, success; all is within his power! He is a money attractor so cash and riches will flow directly to you. He brings good luck and gambling luck. He opens the Book of Knowledge to you, so you can gain the upper hand in any situation. Others will be mesmerized by your dazzling Aura and treat you like a King or Queen. Through the rays of the Sun, no matter where your SoulMate may be on the planet, he or she will be led directly to you! Transform all bad luck to good and accomplish all you set out to do! This Djinn will listen intently to your desires and immediately start into action on accomplishing your goals. His purpose is to make your life one of luxury, happiness and to make all of your dreams come true, no matter how impossibly they may seem!

This Djinn manifests in a wide variety of ways, including (but not limited to): sparkles of light, orbs, misty vapors, tingling sensations from the Ring, and in human form as a handsome man. Depending on your capabilities, you will be able to see him during meditation & visions and he may also visit you in your dreams.

Your purchase is for 1 Rays fo Ra Egyptian Djinn Ring featuring a tiger eye gemstone set in stainless steel. You will cherish having this Djinn in your life!

All pertinent information will accompany your shipment.

Incredible Djinn God King Rays of Ra Egyptian Ring

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