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Immrama Soul's Journey Awakening Manifesting Ring Set
Immrama Soul’s
Journeying Awakening
Fresh Start

Stacking Ring Set

Utilizing the Ancient teachings of my Celtic Ancestors and charged with the lunar energies of the Full Flower Blue Moon, this incredible Magick Ring brings stability and positive blessings as you travel your personal Soul’s Journey. The Immrama/Immram are Ancient Irish Magickal texts in which wanderers going on captivating sea expeditions to the Otherworlds. These journeys are not only filled with excitement and wonder, but they lead the seeker to develop a deeper understanding of the Universe and him/her-self!

There are several blessings placed upon these rings to benefit your life, while bringing Illumination and clarity. Your personal Immrama (journey) is unique to you and therefore your ring will align with your own unique energy vibrations/Aura. With this Ring set, you will expand your consciousness as you travel your sacred journey, and transform your life into the peaceful, fulfilling, happy and successful one it was meant to be. You are ready for more awakening, more fulfillment and more freedom to experience life in all its divine love and light! The energies of these rings brings a gentle soul shift that will benefit your life in ways you never thought possible!

With this ring set, you can have dreams and visions of Ancient times and cultures, or explore other Planets or Universes, gain valuable cosmic insight and learn more about your Spiritual self – there’s no limit to what gateways will open for you when you choose to welcome this set!

Akashic information will be downloaded gently into your subconscious as you sleep, so when you wake, you will make the best decisions and be led on the right path. It brings blessings of prosperity and good luck, new opportunities and successes will present themselves before you, as if by Magick! The perfect job can materialize before you, or your soul mate manifest out of thin air! Unlock the secrets to your life’s purpose, inner passions and pursue your Earthly goals quicker and with less obstacles! It releases all past karmas and blockages, bringing you a fresh new start in all of your endeavors!

As you travel your Immrama, you will awaken seeds of light along your path. These are powerful Magick vessels of Nature that hold your life’s blueprints. They typically lie dormant in the unawakened, but will burst open within your connection to the divine cosmic consciousness! This will also reconnect you with the Ancients and with your Ancestors of long ago. Their wisdom and guidance will be invaluable!

The blessings imbued into this ring include helping you:
Open your 3rd Eye
Bring Clarity & Enlightenment
Soul Pathworking
Evoke Entities
Cleanse your Aura
Bring Healing
Clear your Space of Lower and Negative Vibrations
Banish Evil Spirits & Energy
Restore Balance
Reduce Stress
Deepen Spirituality
Boost your Rituals & Spellworkings

No formal ritual required, these Spells will automatically align with your Aura once you receive it! Simply wear and enjoy!

Your purchase is for this Immrama Soul’s Journeying Awakening double-ring stacking set, featuring a rising sun over ocean waves, and a ring with a light-blue cz stone, both set in solid .925 sterling silver. ***If you prefer a simple sterling silver band instead of this set, I can accommodate, just let me know what size you need before you checkout.

All information will be included in your shipment.

Immrama Soul's Journey Awakening Manifesting Ring Set

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