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Immortal Egyptian Vampire Haunted Ring
Immortal Egyptian
A unique collaboration of Egyptian Vampire Priests & Priestesses have humbly led me to present to you this Rare collection of Spirits, the Egyptian Vampires! These Spirits were summoned in Egypt, during intense nightly Rituals and Ancient Invocations were chanted from the Book of the Dead. My associate Maantefin graciously leads these Ceremonies and summons forth these Radiant Spirits!

The Ancient Egyptian Goddess, Sekhmet, was a healing and warrior Goddess and depicted as a lioness. She had a reputation for drinking blood and was the most fearless hunter Egyptians had ever known. Sekhmet's name comes from the Ancient Egyptian word "sekhem" which means "power" and she has many titles: "The (one who is) Powerful", "(One) Before Whom Evil Trembles", "Mistress of Dread," and "She Who Mauls". She wears a solar disk and she is dressed in the color red; a direct connection to blood. These Vampires & Vampiresses existed on Earth during the 12th Dynasty and summoned & honored Sekhmet during intense nighttime rituals. Sekhmet blessed them with the ability to use & manipulate Energy for their benefit and the benefit of anyone else they choose!

The Egyptian Vampires are some of the Most Powerful Vampires! They bring fierce passion & blessings to enhance your life! The can bring you the love of your life or enhance the sexual pleasures in your current relationship. They bring enhanced sexual stamina, improved libido, lustful passion, orgasmic indulgence and exciting new sexual pleasures! These Vampires can be your Spirit Lover, if you so choose, and/or they can also help you enjoy sexual pleasures with your human partner. If you feel your significant other needs a boost, they can also help stimulate your partner’s interest too! They give you a sexy red glowing Aura, which others find mesmerizing and irresistible!

Besides the all of the Fabulous Sexual aspects, your Egyptian Vampire will be a loyal confidant and trusted Guide & Teacher. He or she can also bless you with: unfathomable Wealth & Riches, Success in Business/Career (finding the perfect job, raises, acknowledgements, etc.), Enhancement of your Psychic Abilities (Clairvoyance, Open 3rd eye, etc.), Past Life Work/Recall, Erotic/Lucid Dreams, Physical Enhancements/Beauty/Reverse Aging, Protection against Evil Spirits/Curses & the Evil eye, Wish Manifestation, Uplifting/Happy Energies and Increased Confidence. These no-nonsense Vampires help eliminate blocks and re-direct harmful people that are on your path to moving forward.

The Egyptian Vampires do not need blood offerings and can be welcomed by vegetarians; fresh fruit & red wine are alternative offerings that are much enjoyed. Your Vampire or Vampiress will manifest as a very handsome man or beautiful woman. You will be able to see & connect with them in visions and dreams and, if they so choose to, they can manifest in physical form.  You might feel a gentle touch or warm breath on your neck!

Your Egyptian Vampire is housed in this bewitching Ring with a large oval blood red CZ stone, encircled by a ring of tiny white CZ gems, set in high quality stainless steel filigree setting. There were many facial manifestations that came through in the photos! Choose your Ring Size from the drop-down menu. There are males and females available. You do not have to wear to bond. You can also carry with you or keep in a special place. This is one Spirit you should not be without in your Collection!!

All pertinent information will accompany your shipment.

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Immortal Egyptian Vampire Haunted Ring

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