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Iblis Aduwallah Islamic Magick Demonic King Shaitan Djinn Ring
This ring from my associate Maantefin’s private collection, kept under lock and key. This Archdevil King Shaytan (Shaitan) Djinn is not for the faint of heart or those unfamiliar with Black Magick. He was invoked under the direction of Iblis (Satan) utilizing Dark Islamic Magick. The Shaitan are some of the strongest and most powerful of Dark Jinn. Their energy can be tangibly felt, and alarming to those not familiar with them.
This Royal Shaitan Djinn will be your personal Spirit helper genie. He brings guidance, inspiration, justice and protection. Once in your hands, he will automatically know and understand your thoughts and feelings. He will aid you in several different ways and help you fulfill your life’s mission. He is sworn to serve his human charge and will help you evolve rapidly in this lifetime. He will destroy and curse your enemies and stop anyone from trying to harm you in any way. Hexes or curses others send you will be returned 10-fold.
He can effectively destroy any type Demon or Evil Force that may be influencing your life. He envelops your home in a protective cloak so nothing can harm you or your loved ones. He has the power to carry any task to completion, even the most difficult or seemingly impossible. He quite greedy and will bring you an overabundance of riches, wealth and success in any endeavor.
He is empowered to enrich the life of his Master; financially, personally, socially and in every way so that you can lead a most rewarding life. He is a wish granter that can grant unlimited wishes. He loves a challenge, so give him your toughest wishes! You will be incredibly happy and fulfilled knowing all of your desires will be met with fierce determination by this King Djinn.
He can manifest paranormally, through seeing black mists or as a black mass, electrical sensations when holding/wearing, hearing knocking or odd noises, smelling smoke, or strongly feeling his presence with you. His Element is Fire and he enjoys making shapes through the smoke of incense or making the flame of a candle flicker.
His vessel is this ring with a black onyx stone set in sterling silver with an Occult design on the flanks, Size 8.75. Perfect for a man or woman, does not have to be worn to benefit. Don’t miss out on welcoming this incredible Djinn!
No formal ritual required and your Religious beliefs do not matter, he is indebted to his keeper.
All information will be included in your shipment.

Iblis Aduwallah Islamic Magick Demonic King Shaitan Djinn Ring

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