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Holy Death Santa Muerte Veneration Bracelet
This beautiful bracelet was imbued by a Santisima Muerte Priestess within the Santeria (Regla de Ocha), and Yoruba Religions with the power of Nuestra Senora de la Santa Muerte. It has also been Spellcast with hundreds of Ancient Spells for Protection, Love, Wealth and Success. The Rituals used to imbue this bracelet originated from the Aztec worship of Goddess Mictecacihuatl, Lady of the Dead (Queen Mictlan), ruler of the underworld and afterlife. These Ancient practices were utilized for thousands of years with the Aztec society, developing into the modern Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead), and to this day still holds enormous power!
Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte brings powerful blessings of protection, healing, wealth & success, health and a promise to guide you through the path to the afterlife. She is able to dissolve all Evils and bring profound divine protection. She is a wish-granting deity and is able to grant any favor you ask of her, no matter how trivial or how difficult you may think it is! She is considered a powerful Holy miracle-worker and can assist you in many different areas.
As Señora de la Noche ("Lady of the Night"), she is often utilized for protection by people who work the night shift. She can help protect against assaults, accidents, gun violence, all types of violence, and a violent death. She can bring you love and passion, as well as money and prosperity. She can stop others from hating you or bringing violence simply for your beliefs. She brings justice and victory in legal matters. She can bring good health and helps those with addictions of any kind. She brings wisdom and retention for students and anyone learning. She can connect you with anyone that has passed away. She brings protection against others Hexes/Curses aimed at you by reversing them, and uses Black Magick to thwart any Black Magick used against you by your enemies. She will protect you and all within your home from bad energy and dark vibrations, ushering in positive and harmonious energies. She can remove energetic blockages and help your Spiritual energy to flow more freely, bringing healing and protection to your Aura.
Although you can utilize her any time of the year, her most popular day of Worship is November 1st. She appears as a skeletal figure, clad in long robes and typically holds an item, such as: a scythe (to cut away negative influences), an owl (for wisdom & messages), an hourglass (for mortality and new beginnings), or a lamp (to light the way through darkness).
Your purchase is for 1 bewitching Holy Death Santa Muerte Veneration Bracelet composed of black, red, and dalmatian jasper beads, with gold accents and a black rose adornment, on an elastic band that will stretch to fit most wrists. You can use the beads to pray to her like a rosary, ask for favors, or simply keep someplace special to welcome her blessings.
All information will be included in your shipment.

Holy Death Santa Muerte Veneration Bracelet

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