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Holle Germanic Goddess of Winter Gold Ring

Utilizing the Magick of my Ancestors and kissed by the snowflakes of the North, I'm honored to offer this beautiful winter ring attuned to Goddess Holle.  She is the Supernatural Germanic Goddess of Winter. Also known as Holda or Hulda, she is a Supreme triple goddess; embodying the Maiden, Mother and the Crone Energies.

Goddess Holle guards and nurtures all of the creatures, trees & plants of the forest; especially the Fae, which consider her their Winter Fairy Mother Goddess. All of the woodland forest creatures are under her watchful care and she assists those in need out of the cold by leading them into a warm den or home. She embodies Nature in winter and brings the beauty of a quiet snowfall as well as dusting tree branches with snow. The holidays can be a time of stress & anxiety. She brings calming, harmonizing and soothing energy to your Aura to help get through these tiring times. She also brings natural beauty blessings and can help you look years younger.

She assists with making any type of change a smooth transition, animal healing, care & communication, deep healing, protection, blessings of wealth & good luck and she brings compassion & justice. She adores children, alive & Spirit (such as haunted dolls), as well as Fairies. Legend states she has a sacred pool from which the souls of newborn children enter the world. She is a wealth magnet and her generosity has no limits! Her sacred time is during the 12 days of Christmas. She brings special blessings during these days!

Her colors are black & white and her Moon phase is Dark & New. Animals associated with her are owls & ravens; often she will shapeshift into these forms to manifest her presence to you. She can also be felt as cold dips in temperature or feeling chills.  Her favorite flower is Jasmine and favorite tree is Evergreen.

Her vessel is this gorgeous ring with several sparkling white cz ‘snowflake’ gems set in a gold overlay band. Welcome Goddess Holle to unite yourself with the Winter Season and embrace its beauty & blessings!

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Holle Germanic Goddess of Winter Gold Ring

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