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High Scholar John Dee Elizabethan Magus Ring
High ScholarJohn DeeElizabethan MagusRingThis Ring is from the Private Collection of my associate, Lord Sinclair, and has been coveted by several Secret Occult Societies. He retains some of the World’s most coveted and Powerful Talismans! This is one such Relic!This Ring was owned by Mystic, John Dee, Spiritual advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. Thanks to him, she was able to make phenomenal advances during her reign and gifted him this Ring as a token of gratitude. High Scholar John Dee was a devoted Alchemist, Occult Philosopher, Astronomer, Scientist, Mathematician, Diviner and practiced Hermeticism. He studied the laws of physics and the unseen realms and wrote several genius manifestos. He developed Enochian Magick (the Language of Angels), and was deeply involved with the etheric Spiritual Realms. John Dee cherished this Ring and imbued it with his incredible Magick! It holds the Keys to Angelic Communication, and is a direct link to contact with any type of Spirit. If you so choose, you can summon and bind any Spirit to assist you. It can bring you deceased loved ones and pets directly to you. The Angelic Spirits of the Highest Levels are attracted to this Ring and will surround you with their love and miraculous blessings! He was able to bend the laws of physics and science, so that this Ring brings you prophetic insights, universal wisdom, wealth & riches, new opportunities, protection & reveals hidden treasures. Obstacles will be destroyed and your path will be illuminated before you. You will be able to reach any seemingly unobtainable goal as people, places and influences start to coincide for your best interests.Paranormal activity is associated with this Ring and both John Dee and Queen Elizabeth I have been known to manifest to whomever owns it. They can come through as spectral apparitions as well as in visions & dreams. You may also notice orbs, mists, odd light phenomenon, knocking or other odd noises, detached voices, electrical disturbances, doors opening or closing, hearing footsteps and the ring moving or levitating. You may also overhear conversations between John Dee and Queen Elizabeth; as though you are an invisible 3rd observer. These encounters will bring you greater insights and clarity into life’s mysteries. You may feel tingling/static type sensations when wearing or holding this Ring, which demonstrates its unique energy signature.There is no limit to what this Ring can do for you! If you are seeking a top-level Occult item, this is it!This antique ring was hand-forged by Queen Elizabeth’s jewelers with Alchemical metals. It features Occult Sigils and a large Magickal Agate stone, Size 10.25. Daily wearing is not recommended for this Museum-quality Relic. Find a special place of honor in your home for this incredible ring!All information will be included in your shipment.

High Scholar John Dee Elizabethan Magus Ring

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