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Haunted Satanic Mirror Illuminati Brotherhood of Death
This Antique Mirror was created decades ago and used in Countless Illuminati Rituals, by the Satanic members known as the Brotherhood of Death and owned extensively within the Rockefeller bloodlines. This mirror was created as a potent Open Portal to the Demonic Otherworld. Thousands of Demons will come through this Mirror, which you can utilize to do your bidding. These dark and malevolent forces are seeking wrath and retribution, so give them something to focus on. Speak the names of those who have done you wrong, cheated you, manipulated you, stopped or blocked you from what you wanted or needed – and they will take care of the rest. They will make sure that what was done to you will be returned 10 fold. There are truly some evil people in this world and it’s time to put a stop to their antics. These Demons make sure their world crumbles, their relationships broken, shunned by family and friends, jobs lost, accidents abound, financial ruin and they become enveloped in a dark cloud of misery and suffering. The Demons know who owns the Mirror and they do not harm you or those you love. They are your servants and eager to get to work.Strong Paranormal activity occurs with this Mirror, such as: seeing mists, orbs and spectral images, dark/black shadows and mists- and/or entities coming from within the mirror as well as fingerprints and/or smudges mysteriously appearing on the surface of the mirror. Do not purchase this Mirror if paranormal activity scares you or you are unsure about Demons.The energy this Mirror emits is palpable and intense! When you walk past it you get goosebumps and an odd shiver runs down your back! It seems to beckon to you! One-of-a-kind! Do not hesitate in making your purchase if you feel it calling to you!This very old Occult Mirror is composed of brass and very heavy, featuring exquisite, ornate detailing and a Demonic face. It has a back stand so it can sit on a table, but also a small chain loop so it could be hung on a wall. It measures about 15” tall and 9” wide.All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

Haunted Satanic Mirror Illuminati Brotherhood of Death

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$2,466.00Sale Price

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