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Haitian Voodoo Black or White Magick Samhain Ritual 2022
My associate, P. Jean, a Haitian Vodou Huongan Asogwe (High Priest) who resides in Louisiana, has graciously offered his services for an amazing Samhain Spellcasting! He is head of an Underground Society which practices Voodoo based on the Secret teachings of Marie Laveau’s personal invocations and rites, with roots in Haitian and African Magick. It takes him several days & nights of fasting, utilizing Sacred Herbs/Adaptogens, and entering a Voodoo trance to open the Gates to the Spirit World and become one with Lwa. There are offerings of food & drink, accompanied by a Sacred Voodoo Skeleton dance to the sound of heavy drums, which induces an altered state of consciousness. He has a tremendous underground following and thousands of happy clients!
He will be using Secret Ancient practices of Marie Laveau and summoning the Loa’s to empower your Spells! He is offering two different types of Voodoo Spellwork on Samhain night. One will be for a lighter-style of Voodoo Magick and the other will be darker in nature. Choose your preferred Ritual upon checkout.
Both Rituals will focus on the following areas:
Love ~ Finding a Love, Returning a Love, Divorce/Break up Lovers
Desire Me ~ Makes you Sexy & Irresistible
Mind Control ~ Sways Energy & Influence to you
Uncrossing ~ Anit-Hex, Banishing & Reversing
Road Opener ~ Wealth, Fast Luck and Success
Good Health & Healing
Cleansing, Breakthrough Trauma & Negativity
Illumination & Clarity
Justice & Retribution

P. Jean needs your Name and Date of Birth for this Ritual. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime event! He is looking forward to assisting you!

Name & DOB:

Haitian Voodoo Black or White Magick Samhain Ritual 2022


    S​tarry 1 Night

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