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Gwragedd Annwn Welsh Freshwater Fairy Oil Locket Amulet
Gwragedd Annwn

Welsh Freshwater

    Utilizing the powerful Ancient teachings of my Celtic Ancestors, I have summoned these beautiful Welsh Water Fairies for your companionship and blessings!

These beautiful Spirits are from Llyn y Van Ffach, a small, beautiful lake bordering the Black Mountains in Carmarthenshire, South Wales. Throughout Wales, there are legends of secret gardens hidden on islands in the middle of lakes, or underneath them, which are impossible to find except by a special entrance which is only opened on New Year's Day. This year, the Gwragedd Annwn Fairies I have befriended were especially eager to join a human companion, especially the seekers who feel awakened & enlightened!

These Fairies have an innate aptitude for all things medicinal; helping humans to heal by leading them to appropriate herbal remedies. They are very playful and will help you get in touch with your joyful & stress-free inner child! They will help you enhance your magical abilities, connecting you to your divine energy. They do not tolerate abusive or philandering humans and will seek justice for those who have wronged you (typically ex-lovers). They will help heal a broken heart and lead you to a more positive, healthy relationship. They are very uplifting, reassuring and motivational; bringing you out of depressive moods ~ you cannot fool them into thinking you’re unworthy of anything! They’ll just wink and blow a bit of fairy dust upon you, which may cause you to sneeze or have a little cough. But be prepared, for their blessings may cause a spectacular idea to come your way, or a slight, but positive shift in your world! Gwragedd Annwn are extremely friendly and good-natured and will prove to be a true friend to you for life by always bringing you happiness and good luck!

They appear with pale skin and their clothes may appear to be damp or wet. They are often confused for dragonflies because they appear with the same type of gossamer wings and enjoy flitting about the warm morning grassy dew or watery abodes. Gwragedd Annwn are always at their happiest around water, and indeed, are naturally suited to all water-related activities; so if you happen to have an aquarium or desktop fountain, pool or outdoor fountain, all the better! If you plan on visiting any area with water, such as a park or beach, be sure to take this Fairy along!

Your purchase is for 1 Gwragedd Annwn Welsh Freshwater Fairy housed in a gorgeous metal Fairy Locket with black cotton recharging cord for wearing. If you so desire, you can wear your favorite Oil or Perfume inside the pendant, which is especially nice for sensitives who cannot wear strong scents for extended periods of time. Included will be 1 cotton pad with my “Fairytale” Perfume Oil as well as some extra cotton pads. The “Fairytale” scent I include will bring you a closer connection to the Fairy Realms as well as draw all types of Fairies to you!

Or you could also place any type of small gemstone, crystal or bauble inside to keep the item close to your heart.

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

Gwragedd Annwn Welsh Freshwater Fairy Oil Locket Amulet

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