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Greenman Brooch of Blessings Cloak Pin
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Brooch of Blessings

  Utilizing the Ancient teachings of my Celtic Ancestors, I have summoned the GreenMan into this beautiful brooch.

The GreenMan is found in many cultures around the world, and is often related to natural vegetation deities; showing up in many different cultures throughout the ages. He usually is depicted as a man peering out of a mask of foliage, usually the sacred oak. He represents the spirit of vegetation which returns to the Earth in Spring and flourishes in Summer. He has a deep love for not only vegetation, but all animals & creatures. He embodies the mystical energy of nature & creation.

The GreenMan is a Centuries Old, Incredibly Wise & Powerful Spirit who brings new hope and understanding to empower your inner Spirit. His presence brings vibrant life energy, balance and assists you in reclaiming your Life! If you have been feeling disheartened or lost, he will bring a guiding strength to assist you! In today’s hurried world, many of us unintentionally isolate ourselves from the wonder of Nature and our true Divine and Sacred connectedness to this Expansive Universe! Welcome the GreenMan into your Life, and you will be bestowed the gifts of insight, clarity, prophetic visions and a much deeper appreciation & understanding of the Magick of Nature.

The Green Man's wisdom is that of the eternal truths, cycles, and passages. He embodies the cycle of birth, growth, death and rebirth, and teaches us the sacred truths of nature. He is a magickal bridge between nature and ourselves, for he is simultaneously both human and vegetation.

His energy fills the trees that make the oxygen we breathe. Watch as he makes your plants and flowers Magickally bloom & flourish! Allow the GreenMan to breathe new Life into any area you need assistance with; be it Love, Money, Success, Endurance, Motivation, Creativity, Gardening, Fertility, Career and anything else you desire!

Although anyone can benefit from the GreenMan, he would be especially helpful for those involved in Earthly projects, Nature and/or Animal lovers, and/or those that create with their hands: clay sculpting, gardening, etc. There is no formal ritual required ~ the GreenMan will intrinsically bestow you with his powerful blessings!
  This listing is for  1 metal brooch imbued with the power of the GreenMan! It measures just under 2” in length. This beautiful brooch would look stunning secured to a Cloak, Cape or Scarf. This is sure to be one of your most Cherished Magickal pieces! These also make exceptional gifts!

Greenman Brooch of Blessings Cloak Pin

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