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Gorgeous Caladrix Caladrius and Phoenix Hybrid MOP Ring
Caladrix: Caladrius and Phoenix HybridFrom a Rare Grouping of several Aviary Spiritual Masters, I’m honored to present this never-before-seen entity, the Caladrix! This magnificent bird is a hybrid between the Caladrius and Phoenix and brings the Magickal blessings of both. The Summoning Spells used to invoke these precious beings is known only by my Associates, so you will not find them anywhere else!The Caladrius is a white bird from Roman Mythology that only belonged to nobles. It retains the Magickal power of healing by looking one in the eye and inhaling the disease. It then flies to the heavens and expels it into the sun. The person is left healed and stronger than ever. They are also known for their exotic songs and stunning luminous beauty. They can help you find your ‘voice’ and help reverse the signs of aging. They greatly enjoy the presence of other Ethereal beings, especially Elves. Incredibly wise, intuitive and gentle, this bird is a tremendous blessing!The Phoenix is a beautiful Bird that never dies~ but is born anew from its old former self. They especially help those going through any major transformations in Life: births, deaths, divorce, marriage, break-ups, new job, new location, etc. They bring dynamic renewal and new beginnings. Doors you once thought were closed will effortlessly open, or new opportunities will present themselves to you! They help you leave the negative or damaging parts of your past behind and move forward with a fresh outlook & on a more positive path.The Caladrix is a hybrid blending of both of the above birds, and therefore, will bestow you all of their remarkable benefits! They also teach balance; helping you to progress and evolve without fear. Give your problems to your Caladrix so he or she can take them to the highest realms of the Universe for resolution, forever changing your fate for the better. These deeply Magickal creatures provide hope in the midst of despair and will help transform your life into something purer. Call upon them for strength and renewed energy when facing life’s trials. They are especially helpful for those who need special strength, courage and healing. Any issues, big or small, there is nothing he/she cannot help you accomplish!They resemble large white herons with beautiful iridescent feathers that shimmer and reflect light.Your purchase is for one Caladrix housed in a gorgeous mother of pearl Ring set in .925 sterling silver.  Choose your size from the drop down menu. If your size is out of stock, let us know and we'll get it available.  Males & Females available.All information will be included in your shipment.Gender preference: Male, Female or Surprise You?

Gorgeous Caladrix Caladrius and Phoenix Hybrid MOP Ring

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