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Goddess Freyja Ring of Beauty, Love, Allure & Glamour

Goddess of

  Ring of

Beauty &

Using sophisticated Spellcasting techniques by Norse Pagans practicing Olde Viking Magicks, this Enchanting Magick Ring will bring you Incredible Beauty, Attraction, and Blessings as well as Success in any Endeavour!

This Ring is aligned with the Norse Goddess of Love & Beauty, Freyja (also Freya or Freja). Blonde haired, blue-eyed and beautiful, Freyja was the Fairest of all Goddesses and no one could resist her beauty! Her passions were abundant and unrestrained. She possessed a Magickal necklace that made her irresistible to men. She was also known as the Goddess of Magick and Divination. She enjoys incense/oils of: rose, sandalwood, mint and floral scents. She also rides a Magick chariot driven by two cats, possesses a Magick cloak of golden falcon feathers, and is the mother of two daughters. She is a member of the “Vanir”, a Council of Norse Gods who bestow blessings of fertility, wisdom, and the ability to see the future.

Besides having Freyja working for you, there are also hundreds of powerful Viking Spells imbued into this Ring for: Luminous Beauty, Sexual Enhancement, Love (attracting, finding & keeping), Allure & Glamour so all eyes will be on You! Those who use to glance over you will stand up and take notice! This does not apply only for beauty, but for any area of your Life where you want/need to get noticed!

The Spells softly radiate in manifestation yet make a very powerful & noticeable difference! The influence of the Spells enhance the glow around your mouth and eyes, increases the suppleness of your skin, reduces tension of your facial features, removes impurities for a luminous complexion, and reveals beauty and confidence for respect and leadership, etc. Your Aura will take on a rosy glow, which will have others looking at you with adoration, respect, and a very heavy attraction (not just sexually, but excellent for business ventures too)!

This Ring will set your Life on a course for success and wealth! You will feel more sensual and attractive, no matter your body type! You will notice others looking at you with a loving eye, and others will be overly friendly and affectionate towards you. You ask Freyja for assistance with Woman issues; job/career, love/relationships, parenting, etc., and also to assist you in anything you would like to improve or enhance physically.

Evoke the Power of the Goddess of Asgard & transform your Life!

Your purchase is for 1 gorgeous Freyja Beauty Ring featuring a light purple amethyst cz gem  set in .925 sterling silver.  Please choose your size from the drop-down menu.  Wear, carry with you or keep in a special place. You do not have to wear to experience the blessings from Freyja. There is no formal ritual required, Freyja will immediately and automatically begin working for you! Some people report a tingling sensation of energy that travels up your arm while wearing. This is a pleasurable sensation and demonstrates the Goddess Freyja’s powers transforming your energy & keeping your Aura clear & bright!

Although anyone can welcome this Ring, it will be especially beneficial in providing strength & success for those who are Leaders, Healers, Own your own Business, Entrepreneurs, Single Mothers and/or those who need to be or stay on top! If you want to be the #1 Woman, then look no further!

This Ring can also work for Men who wish to enhance their physical attributes and/or get in touch with their feminine side.

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Goddess Bless! ~xo

Goddess Freyja Ring of Beauty, Love, Allure & Glamour

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