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Ganesh Lucky Elephant Set, Coin, Purse & Amulet
Ganesh Lucky Elephant Set
This Magick Set was been imbued with the Power of Ganesh and Spellcast with my Secret Wealth Drawing & Good Luck Spells! I Spellcast them during the Full & Dark Moons for Maximum Power & Results ~ welcome this set if you need positive financial changes! It does not matter your Religious beliefs – Ganesh will help anyone who calls upon him!

Ganesh stomps on all obstacles and demolishes any blockages on your path! Once these energy channels are cleared, you will find goodness just seems to come to you, sometimes in very surprising ways! He removes obstacles, bestows prosperity and wisdom and assists you with reaching your goals! Ganesh is extremely sweet, loving, and polite, yet he is also very strong. He’s large enough to blaze trails ahead of you so that your path is clear.

Align yourself with Ganesh and every day you could attain health, happiness and anything else you ever dreamed of having, doing or being! Perhaps you feel closed off to all of the goodness, wealth and happiness that is yours by divine right ~ that you’re not worthy enough. Perhaps you have blocks in place you aren’t even aware of, but feel you could use some good luck or a change of pace. Ganesh will help bring these negative thought forms into your consciousness, so you can take charge and change them into positive. He will remove the energy blocks that may be holding you back from allowing the best life has to offer you!

Telepathically give your burdens to him so he can take them outside our Realm for resolution. By doing this you release yourself from any burdens you may have been carrying with you from when you were very young and begin your life anew! Ganesh brings you Confidence, High Self-Esteem and Strength. He would be excellent for anyone wanting to transform their lives, especially those involved in Alternative Scientists such as Alchemists, Reiki Healers, Shamans, or people involved in Customer Care.  Signs from Ganesh include seeing Elephants - they will start popping up everywhere, in the oddest pla