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Full Moon Summer Solstice Spellcast Dragonfly Amulet
Full Strawberry
Moon Litha
Summer Solstice
On Monday, June 20th, we were doubly blessed with a Full Strawberry Moon and the Summer Solstice! A Rare event, indeed, the Full Moon hasn’t occurred on the Summer Solstice since 1948! The Spiritual veil was thin and the Spells we performed that night had an added boost of Summer’s energy! Litha (also called Midsummer’s Night and the Summer Solstice) is a Wiccan Sabbat honoring the Sun’s blessings, including giving us healthy crops to enjoy, such as strawberries! This is the night Fairies came out to dance!

On this night, two of my Wiccan friends and I Spellcast these Dragonfly Amulets with a blend of Ancient Celtic, Gypsy/Romani and Ancient Egyptian Occult Spells. During our Spellwork we harnessed not only the power of the Sun, but the power of the Full Moon as well!

The Spells attached to this piece are for:

★ Sunny Comfort; a stress-less, anxiety reducing Spell that brings uplifting energies, harmony & more joy into your life!
★ Lavish Riches Money Spell; puts your energy directly in the flow of wealth & luxury!
★ Eye of Horus Spell; helps awaken your latent psychic abilities, clairvoyance, opens your 3rd Eye, helping your communication with Spirits!
★ Celestial Beauty Spell; for sexiness, allure and a dazzling Aura!
★ Love Match Spell; helps you meet & keep the Love of your life!
★ Jinx Buster; dissolves hexes and negative influences from jealous people, ex’s, business competition, etc.
★ Wild Dreams Spell; if the Universe allows, it will make your wildest dreams come true!

Your purchase is for 1 Spellcast sterling silver cz dragonfly amulet with free sterling silver Recharging chain.  There is nothing special you need to do; the Spells will automatically work for you!

All information will be included in your shipment.

Full Moon Summer Solstice Spellcast Dragonfly Amulet

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    S​tarry 1 Night

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