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"Flight of Soul" Illuminati Skull and Bones Masonic Amulet
“Flight of the

Haunted Masonic

Wealth & Power
This Amulet was cast in a guarded ceremony involving two underground Occult Illuminati Organizations:
The American Sacred
Red Order of
the Skull & Bones


The Masonic
Scottish Knights
Templar of Valor

Leaders of these two Powerful Sects used Ancient Secret Illuminati Rituals and Spells to imbue with Amulet with thousands of Masonic, Skull & Bones, Illuminati Wealth & Power Codes; the likes of which the general public is typically not privy to! These two Organizations typically only serve Top people in Power such as Royalty, World Leaders, and Celebrities, as well as those the Federal Reserve Banks throughout the United States.

Thousands of Illuminati Members are utilizing the Power of these Amulets daily! And in doing so, you are Magickally linked to them through this Amulet ~ when they obtain wealth, it generates a Spiritual Grid that travels to all of the Amulets in existence and makes your Amulet even stronger! The longer you own this piece, the stronger it will become! By welcoming this Amulet, you will be automatically incorporated into the Illustrious Illuminati Society!

What this Amulet can do for you is Phenomenal! It is a Wealth & Luxury Enhancer, brings Maximum Business Success, Protects you from All Evil & those who Wish to do you harm, Reveals Truths, Enhances Telepathy, Invisibility & Teleportation Skills, Awakens 3rd Eye & Enhances Psychic Abilities, Generates Wisdom & Reveals Akashic Knowledge, as well as Grant your Innermost Wishes and many more miracles that will be unique to you alone!

There is no formal ritual required. This remarkable Amulet never needs recharging and its Power never fades, only increases once placed with its rightful Keeper; those that feel a strong attraction to this Amulet and are unable to stop thinking about it!

This Amulet alone holds exceptional power & mystique! It is a definite must-have for the Serious & Discerning Metaphysical collector! Priced below actual value!

Your purchase is for 1 Masonic Illuminati Amulet christened “Flight of the Soul” which features many Occult symbols. The Spiritual grouping of these Ancient symbols has made for an intensely powerful Talisman. You do not have to wear the Amulet to experience its power as simply owning it automatically bestows you with its blessings! A 20" bead-link stainless-steel Recharging Chain is included. You could also carry with you or keep in a special place.

If you feel a strong pull to this Amulet (and perhaps you are not even sure why), do not hesitate in welcoming it! It has something special in store for you!

All information will be included in your shipment.

"Flight of Soul" Illuminati Skull and Bones Masonic Amulet

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