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Firelight Fairy Dragon Hybrid Ring
Fairy Dragon
Haunted Ring
This Ring holds a very rare and unique Spirit, a Fairy Dragon hybrid, known as the “Firelight!” This Spirit is found within the wild flower groves of Scotland and has been summoned utilizing my Celtic Ancestor's Grimoire, which notes the appropriate sigils, incense, herbs, oils and crystals needed as well as the auspicious dates and times for summoning these incredibly Rare beings! You will not find anything else like them anywhere!

The Firelight Dragon Fairies bring all of the generous, loving & fun qualities of the Fairies along with the strong, gentleness of a Dragon. They can assist you with all areas of your life and have special wish-granting abilities! They radiate a gentleness that calms people’s emotions and decreases chaos. You will feel less stress and anxiety, and more peace and tranquility. Their rejuvenating energy will clear your Aura and Chakras, making them bright and flowing smoothly. They are incredibly Wise and can teach you Akashic Knowledge and the Secrets of the Universe! They have very strong telepathic skills, so don’t dismiss that ‘little voice!’ They bring deep and effective healing for you as well as others, and are excellent for Reiki healers, Shamans, Indigos, Lightworkers, etc. They help open your energy to higher vibrations, positive thought forms and levels of thinking. They are excellent good luck bringers and conifer riches, wealth, success (both business and personal), love, attraction, glamour and beauty. They can strengthen your intuition, open your 3rd eye, bring psychic enhancements and help awaken your own latent abilities and personal powers. They are adept at dissipating negative energy & hexes/curses and their protective nature stops Evil Spirits from harming you.

These are smaller sized adult Dragons, about the size of a large macaw. They love to be near their keeper, so you might occasionally feel a tender touch or gentle breath. They get along wonderfully with all animals and family pets. Their soft, smooth scales shimmer a variety of pinks, blues and purples. They have gossamer fairy wings that sparkle in these same colors. They have large doe eyes and a soft, rounded snout they like to nuzzle you with! They are beautiful creatures!

Your purchase is for 1 Firelight Fairy Dragon hybrid housed in this gorgeous light-amethyst ring, set in hypoallergenic, high quality stainless steel.  Choose your ring size from the drop-down menu. There are males & females available.

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

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Firelight Fairy Dragon Hybrid Ring

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