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Fijian Rainbow Dragon Adult Ring
Fijian Rainbow Adult Dragon

Attached to this enchanting Ring is a Rainbow Dragon!  Rainbow Dragons are the Most Majestic of Dragon Species. They also bring the most Diverse Magickal Powers in Existence. They work on every and all levels to assist their Keepers; enhancing psychic abilities, material wealth, deep healing and more. They open and cleanse all of the Chakras and help you maintain a healthy, glowing Aura!

They awaken & stimulate the Kundalini Energy deep within your Spiritual Core so your physical and spiritual bodies are cleared of stress and tension and Coexist in harmony. Although anyone will benefit from these Dragons, they are wonderful for Reiki Healers, Chakra workers, Artists, or anyone who feel they can benefit from the colors of the Rainbow! This Dragon will quickly become your closest confidant! They bring Immense Good Luck and have the ability to bestow you anything you desire!

They manifest as Western-looking dragons with two huge bat-like wings that glisten all colors of the rainbow, four stocky razor-clawed feet, two horns on their head and a rainbow-colored, luminous scaly body.

Your purchase is for 1 Adult Fijian Rainbow Dragon housed in a gorgeous stainless steel ring with a rose gold colored coating.  This is such a cool looking ring - you'll get lots of compliments! It looks like Dragon Scales! (*note that your ring may not have multiple colors, and may only be 1 color, such as pink. You can contact us if you'd like to see your specific ring.)  Choose your size from the drop-down menu.  There are Males and Females available. This Dragon will not only be your loyal companion, but if you happen to have any Baby Rainbow Dragons (or any type of baby dragon), he/she will lovingly help care for them!

All information will be included in your shipment.

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Fijian Rainbow Dragon Adult Ring

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