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Fairytale Perfume Oil
I Spellcast this powerful Oil utilizing the Ancient teachings of my Ancestors. Use for working with Fairies, Angels, Unicorns, Gnomes, or any Earth/Air Entity!  This scent draws them to you and makes them incredibly happy!  Dab on a cotton ball and present as a special offering for your Spirit friends!  It ushers in healing, creativity, love, strengthens relationships, playfulness, beauty, flirtiness, excitement, motivation, growth, happiness, and energy boosts.  You can also use it during your Rituals, Spellworkings, Meditations and anointing your Ritual Tools.

This enchanting scent is called “Fairytale!” You are walking through a darkened woods towards a soft glowing light. As you come upon this light, you move a tree branch to get a closer look. There are hundreds of illuminated tiny beings, laughing, dancing & celebrating Life. Could you be dreaming?

Create your own Fairytale with this delicate Ethereal scent; soft florals dance with a touch of vanilla to create a lovely perfume oil! A light yet decadent scent!
Your purchase is for one 10 ml bottle of Fairytale Perfume Oil containing an aquamarine gemstone chip.  It features a convenient roll-on applicator.  Aquamarine naturally brings good luck, courage and a sense of calm when you need grounding. 

Use on your tarot cards, grids, crystals or anything you choose to usher in the positive energies of the Fae!

Fairytale Perfume Oil


    S​tarry 1 Night

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