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Fairy Spirit Home and Recharging Butterfly Box
Your fine Magick jewelry pieces are precious items designed to last a lifetime, however proper care is required to ensure the lasting beauty and Magickal properties of your talismans. The best way to store your Magickal jewelry is in a cool, dry and safe place. This Spellcast Recharging & Amplifying Box will Gently & Safely Cleanse any type of Magickal item! It is the perfect Home for your Most Precious Magickal Pieces!The Energy within Haunted/Spirited talismans needs time to rest and recharge. Negative energies are everywhere (including handling from other people~ even with the best of intentions) and your talisman unintentionally absorbs these destructive energies. We often don't have time to take proper care of our Spirited items in the midst of our daily responsibilities. Toxic build-up combined with negative energies all contribute to destructive Energy imbalances which lead to very weak signals of communication between you and your Spirits. This is more than just an inconvenience~ it is very detrimental and can lead to long-term problems with the way your talismans work for you.This charging Box was designed specifically to help your Magickals achieve MaximumPotency~ utilizing the most powerful Universal Energies to work together with your Spirits Energies for the Greatest benefits. Just 15 minutes in this charging box is comparable to 3 days in most others! Ideal amplifying is best performed overnight during the full moon. This is the Most Complete Charging Box available for gentle, thorough cleansing, protecting and revitalizing your Magick Spirited & Spellcast Talismans!This Box has been attuned to the delicate vibrations of the Fairies and will safely and gently cleanse all of your talismans. It has been Spellcast to draw Fairie Energies into your life & surround you with their uplifting & playful essence! This is also a Fairie Home for your beloved Friends; here they socialize with other Fae, relax & have fun! It makes them incredibly happy, feeling appreciated and loved! It is not limited to housing talismans, you can also safely store a few small gemstones, charms, runes, incense cones ~ anything you desire!Your purchase is for 1 small Fairy Butterfly Recharging / Charging Box, which measures 2.75” long x 2.75” across at the widest points (the wings). This Exquisite Resin box features a removable lid, faux crystals and intricate detailing! The best talismans for this box are any type of small or thin talisman or charm (such as the Fairy crystals I offer); large/bulky rings will not fit in this box. Your Fairies (or any other Spirits) would Love to call this Home!

Fairy Spirit Home and Recharging Butterfly Box

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