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Fairy Energy Attunement
Faeries are Nature’s powerful guardians and can miraculously assist you with anything you desire: granting wishes, increasing your magical abilities, wealth, better relationships, health, career, etc. Fairies are eager to help heal those issues in your life which are troubling you. You will marvel at the messages they impart and your heart will be opened in wondrous ways!
Faeries will open up your ‘inner child’ and you will find new inner strength and confidence, as they guide you in treating yourself with greater love and respect. They are naturally inspirational and reassuring and will listen intently to any problems you may wish to discuss with them! Their naturally sweet essence helps you to commune more with nature. Through this Fairy Attunement, your Spiritual Energy will align as closely as possible to the Energy of the Fairies and you will form a deeply personal relationship with the amazing Faerie realm!
This Attunement is focused on Spiritual Energy Work. I connect with your Energy and the Energy of the Fae; uniting your Energies on the deepest of Spiritual Levels & enhancing your Aura & Chakras. You will become more open, aware and in-tune to the Fairies you may possibly 'own' and all Fairies. In turn, Fairies will Spiritually sense your welcoming energy and be more receptive to you!
Anyone can benefit from a Fairy Attunement, especially those who have purchased Fae from me who would like to form the deepest connections possible. This is for a general Fairy Attunement, but should you want to be attuned to a specific type of Fairie, such as Seelie Court, Star Fairies, etc., just let me know.
The Energy sent to you focuses on Fairy Connections & Communication, which will also lead to:
Feeling happier & more uplifted
Allowing stress to not weigh you down
Feeling motivated to achieve any goal
Opening your inner child & healing childhood traumas
Gaining a different perspective on any issues/problems
Embracing nature and enjoying her gifts
Deeper love & respect for all animals
Embracing a healthy lifestyle; exercising & eating right
Enhanced outer beauty
Lucid dreamtime & restful sleep
Being more giving and donate your extra time & finances to those in need
Remembering your strengths & gaining self-confidence
Boosts in creativity
Developing hidden talents or something you've always wanted to pursue
Feng Shui insight to beautifying your home or sacred space with candles, plants, etc.
Being more open to treating yourself to nice things ~ you deserve it!
This list is not all-inclusive, you may experience tremendous personal spiritual growth in your own unique way!
Receive a Fairy Attunement any time you want to welcome their loving energy! Attunements can be done as often as you prefer!
You can combine this attunement with any other attunement. They will all work effectively together to enhance your life!
This is a service I am providing for you, therefore you will not receive anything in the mail.

This Attunement will be delivered via Spiritually distant Chi-ball method. I prepare the energy and send it to you. You receive/open the energy at your convenience.

Fairy Energy Attunement


    S​tarry 1 Night

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