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Exclusive Samhuinn Druidic Illuminati Fire Rites Ritual 2022
Exclusive Samhuinn

Druidic Illuminati

Fire Rites Ritual 2022

Private Celtic Castle

They have agreed to perform this incredible Ritual again this year!  Don't miss it! 
This Samhuinn (Samhain/Halloween), an intimate gathering of Scottish Druid (Draoidh) High Priests and Grand Masters from the Sinclair Illuminati Sect will be performing intense Fire Rites Ceremonies at a Private Celtic Castle.  They have been offering this amazing Spellcasting for a few years for only a select few!  During this Ritual, they will imbue your personal Aura with Exclusive Samhuinn Spells that have been kept hidden for Centuries and transcribed directly from Ancient Celtic Occult Texts. The Castle used has been host to countless Druidic Illuminati Rituals and holds a unique energy and Magick all its own! The Samhuinn Fire Rites Ritual will include a Necromantic Conjuration Bonfire outside of the Castle after the Ceremonies. This will summon hundreds of powerful Spirits that harmonize with your personal energy and they will assist you on your path to Illuminate your journey with their gifts, guidance and wisdom.

These Spells will be personalized just for you and will bring you:

*Vast Wealth & Riches/ Gambling Luck

*Job/Business/Career Success (perfect for Entrepreneurs!)

*Immense Protection from all Evil/ Obliterate Obstacles

*Stop all Curses, Bad Luck & Negative influences

*Psychic Enhancement/3rd Eye Opening

*Love; Finding your SoulMate or Enhancing Passion in your current Relationship

*Magnetic Beauty/Handsomeness, attracting positive people & situations to you

*Telepathic thought transference; know what others are thinking/ get them to see things your way

*Supernatural DNA Healing

*Erase past Mistakes and/or Familial negative Karmic influences

*Personal Empowerment in all areas

This time of year the veil is at its thinnest and the ability to confer with Spirits and utilize Spiritual energies is at its peak. This night is the most Magickal of the year and its bountiful energies are harnessed to bring you incredible blessings for the coming year! This is an especially powerful Ritual for those who feel life’s been handing them “lemons” lately and you want to turn things around in your favor! This is your “all hail” to usher in all of the countless blessings, goodness and happiness you deserve! Do not miss your chance at being included in this specialized Ritual! 

When you checkout, please include your full name and date of birth for the Ritual. You can purchase this for others/loved ones as well; I will need their names and birth dates. Reserve your spot today – spaces are limited!

Since this is a service that is being provided to you, nothing will be shipped.

Name & date of birth:

Exclusive Samhuinn Druidic Illuminati Fire Rites Ritual 2022

$1,313.00 Regular Price
$313.13Sale Price

    S​tarry 1 Night

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