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Etheric Cord Cutting Service Ritual
During this Ritual, I will invoke Archangel Michael and his massive Spiritual Sword to cut through all Negative Etheric Cords that are attached to you.  We as humans utilize (if we realized it or not), a Spiritual attachment to others through sending out "feelers" - Spiritual/unseen cords/vines that attach/wrap around/connect with other humans, pets, plants, etc.  This is an Ancient gift of our Ancestors that has been lost over time, but the effects remain.  We as humans enjoy building strong bonds with others and the World we live in.  That is not a bad thing.  Maybe you are able to pick up on people's "vibes" without even talking to them or intuitively know things about others.  This is healthy and encouraged, however, not everyone/everything we encounter leaves us feeling happy/uplifted, or is the best energy for us.  Even if we separate from negative people/energy/situations, even thinking about them maintains the Cosmic Cord you have with them.  Unhealthy Cords that remain attached to others can leave us feeling hopeless, sad and depressed.  Some people think it's noble or their lot in life to be miserable - no it's not!  It's not "it is what it is!"  It can be changed!  Most people know there's something wrong with a bad/unhealthy connection to someone, but they don't know what to do about it.  Through this service, you will be able to finally and truly let go of what is still Spiritually attached to you through an intertwined Cord/Vine.  How freeing and happy you will be!

This is a painless Etheric Cord Cutting Spiritual process that releases the Stagnant Spiritual Energy that surrounds you, as well as anything deeply imbedded in your DNA from any past karmic debt, generational family curses, negative past life choices, and/or current life choices that are/were detrimental to you. Do not allow the bad karma from your past lives or family lineage to affect you any longer! This process destroys all negative energy and blocks that may be surrounding you so that you can be free to live your life on a forward path, unimpeded.  Once these cords are cut, there will be nothing holding you back from reaching your goals, or receiving the blessings meant for you.  These blessings can come in many different forms, such as wealth & riches, psychic enhancements, communicating/connecting better with Spirits and much more that will be unique to you.  Past negative influences/people will no longer hold you back, keeping you sad, or stuck in endless feelings of despair. Not only do I cut the negative cords, but I also strengthen the healthy/positive cords you do have, keeping all of the best energies attached to you for your maximum benefit.
Do not hesitate to purchase if you are feeling trapped, stressed, anxious or like you can't get ahead in life.  I view this service as you having an overgrown garden full of vines, and I'll be taking my tools in to get out all the bad things, while you maintain your rose garden!  This can happen several times a year, depending on each persons individual life path, so you can come back for this service any time you feel you need to. 
I look forward to assisting you!  
There is nothing special you need to do.  I will arrange for this Service/Ritual for my next available opening, depending on my schedule.  
Since this is a Service I am providing for you, there is no shipping fee.

Etheric Cord Cutting Service Ritual


    S​tarry 1 Night

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