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Ella Mae Lively Specter Haunted Doll
Ella Mae Lively Specter
Haunted Doll

For your consideration is this highly active haunted doll. My friends in the Investigative field of Paranormal Research encounter many haunted dolls, relics and other items from their ghost hunting investigations. These items have shown incredible amounts of paranormal activity according to their testing devices, which include Mel-meter, Ovilus X, SB-7 Spirit box, K2, cameras, handheld voice thermal and video recorders and other inventions. They spend a lot of time doing background research on the locations they investigate. They do not claim everything they capture is paranormal and always use debunking techniques to further validate the haunting. According to their strict findings, these items have been deemed uncommonly paranormal and meant for the discerning haunted collector. 

This doll was removed from a barn in rural central Iowa.  The home was deteriorating and the land was to be auctioned off.  There were legends in the area regarding the homestead and that it was haunted. There was a fire in the home, which took the life of a young girl named Ella Mae. Utilizing their ghost hunting equipment, the team was able to pinpoint intense paranormal activity to this doll.

I was psychically able to connect with Ella Mae and she told me that she is 17 years old and crossed over in the early 70’s in a tragic house fire. She has a very loving, sweet and kind energy.  She has a strong connection to the Element of Fire and can give you signs through candle flame flickering, smoke of incense, etc.  She has made her presence known through various paranormal phenomenon: orbs, mists, strange lights, shadows, quickly moving cold spots, unexplainable noises, hearing footsteps, feeling someone touch you, feeling goosebumps/chills, smelling a smoke/wood-burning smell, hearing a woman speaking, and full body apparitions of a young lady.

Due to Ella Mae’s extremely supernatural nature, I must ask that you do NOT welcome her if paranormal activity scares you or you do not want an Interactive Spirit in your home!

The Paranormal Activity associated with her varies, therefore you might experience any of the following:

*cold spots or temperature fluctuations around the doll or within the room
*changing positions
*changing facial expressions
*a young woman talking or voices heard with and without EVP recorders
*spectral manifestations or full bodied apparitions of a young woman
*hearing unexplained sounds such as tapping, banging, footsteps, knocking, etc.
*items moving location
*doors opening or closing
*lights turning off/on, or other unexplained electrical disturbances from tv’s, computers, printers, telephones, etc.
*unusual pleasant scents
*orbs, mist or other unexplained phenomenon
*any other paranormal activity with no reasonable explanation

Ella Mae's host doll is made of porcelain with a soft main body. She didn't want me to clean her face, but she may want you to.  She measures about 18” tall. She wears a lavish floral dress with beige lace trim and a matching headband. She has brown  hair and green eyes that speak volumes. She has a unique human appearance that makes you realize there is just something special about her.   Do you feel Ella Mae's sweet energy calling to you?! Don’t miss out on her!
  Ella Mae has a charming disposition and will never harm you or intentionally try to scare you. Do not give her to a child to play with - she is Not a toy! She has been very friendly and engaging and likes to give signs of her presence. Do Not acquire this doll if you’re unsure about the paranormal or you’d rather not have an Interactive Spirit in your home. All information will be included in your shipment.

Ella Mae Lively Specter Haunted Doll

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