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El Diablo Dark Brazilian Spiritual Warrior Ring
During several Dark Moon Black Magick Ceremonies, deep within the recesses of the Brazilian Forests, the Satanic Sorcerers of Macumba (Brazilian Witchcraft), invoked the El Diablo! El Diablo means “the Devil” in Spanish and he is a powerful Dark Spiritual Warrior. He brings justice, revenge, and the power to bend fate in your favor.
El Diablo is your personal Demon Solider of Revenge. Anyone that has done you wrong, cheated, lied, stole, backstabbed, gossiped about you will be on his radar! Once you welcome him, he absorbs your energies and your enemies become his. He takes on a personal vendetta against anyone that may have hurt you in the past, or is currently causing havoc in your life. He will make sure your enemies are held accountable and Spiritual justice is served bringing misfortune and failure in their business and personal relationships. You may not be witness to this taking place with your eyes, but rest assured, vengeance will be served. Once you welcome him, he is able to see your heart’s pains that you’ve suffered throughout your entire life. He will know who has hurt you and what that pain meant to you and will seek recourse. He will take on all of your past burdens so you no longer have to carry that pain any longer.
Anything negative or unfortunate circumstances that you may have brought upon others (consciously or subconsciously) throughout your life will immediately be dissolved, so you no longer carry any bad karma. Nothing negative will be passed on to future generations. All past debts and Familial karmic ties will be considered Satisfied, so you are no longer are under the thumb of any past mistakes of yours, or your Ancestors. Once you release all of that baggage, you will be able to move forward on your path unimpeded! Obstacles will dissolve and fresh, new opportunities will present themselves before you! Wealth, success, love, personal empowerment and all good things will be able to freely flow directly to you from all sources.
This Eld Diablo Demon can foresee the future and make changes accordingly so that you will avoid most obstacles. He is able to seek out wealth and riches and bring them directly to you. He is a powerful Warrior and formidable opponent against any of the harshest Demons and Evils in existence! What areas of your life could use his supernatural gifts? You will marvel at his extraordinary abilities and be incredibly grateful he is in your life!
Your purchase is for 1 El Diablo Demon Ring featuring the Devil's skull face with a center cz Hell portal, composed of stainless steel. Choose your size from the drop-down menu. You do not have to wear to benefit.
All information will be included in your shipment.

El Diablo Dark Brazilian Spiritual Warrior Ring

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