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Egyptian Goddess Bast Bracelet FREEBIE

LIMITED TIME OFFER!! Get this item FREE with your purchase of $100.00 or more. Simply place $100.00 worth of items and add this bracelet! International buyers: shipping fees do not count towards the $100.00 goal. If you would like to just purchase this bracelet directly, contact us.


From my associate, Egyptian Conjurer Maantefin, I am honored to offer this enchanting bracelet imbued with the Egyptian Goddess Bast (Bastet). Maantefin journeyed to the exact location of what use to be the Temple/House of Bast to perform his intricate & cryptic ceremonies. During his nighttime ceremonies, he incorporates the Goddesses favorite oils & incense and recites Ancient Egyptian Invocations from his Grandfather’s Grandfather. This is an impressively powerful piece you will cherish forever. Bast was an Egyptian Goddess of the Moon and depicted initially as a lioness and later as a domestic cat and patron of them. She was the daughter of Ra and a fierce protectress and defender of the reigning Pharaoh. Her goddess duties changed over the years, but, she is also known as a goddess of love, fertility, birth, health, healing, music, dance and has been both a sun & moon Goddess. In Ancient Egypt the Cat was Sacred and admired for its Virility, Strength and Agility ~ three virtues advantageous to a Successful Pharaoh. Bast is gentle and nurturing but also brings a fierce protection.


The Goddess Bast will bring you: *Protection over you & all in your home, including pets (especially cats); dissolves hexes, abolishes evil invisible Spirits & forces *Building & Repairing Relationships (both romantic & business) *Dramatic shifting of your Life in the Right Direction *Tremendous Wealth & Money Blessings; Business Success *Past Life Work/Recall (especially Egyptian) *Astral Travel/OBE’s *Good health & rapid healing *Enhanced Psychic Abilities, 3rd Eye Opening & Spirit Connection *Increased Luminous Beauty, increased Sex Drive & the Sexy Prowess of a Feline *Sharper senses & reflexes of the Cat *Increased happiness, optimism & joy *Inspiration & Creativity


Your purchase is for 1 beaded Goddess Bast Bracelet composed of round obsidian beads, with one larger bead with cat ears, strung on an elastic cord that fits most wrists. The gemstone Obsidian was chosen because its energies align perfectly with those of Bast. It brings further natural Metaphysical blessings to your life. It helps ground Spiritual experiences into the physical, helping you to integrate them into your life. It brings good luck and is a powerful stone to use during meditation. Helps purify thoughts and actions, releasing anger and old, negative patterns and bad habits. It has a deep grounding energy, helping to balance the emotions and relieve stress. Brings strength and positive energies. This is a Protective gemstone and helps prevent emotional draining by others, also helping to prevent soft-hearted people from being abused or taken advantage of. It sharpens the external and internal vision.


All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

Egyptian Goddess Bast Bracelet FREEBIE

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