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Egyptian Ankh Magick Heka God Box of Manifestation
Egyptian Ankh
Magick Heka God
Box of Manifestation

This Box holds the power of Ancient Egypt’s Heka Magick as well as the power of the Ancient Egyptian God Heka. Imbued deep within a hidden Pyramid chamber during the Full Moon, several secret Mystical Ancient Egyptian Spells were brought to life and immersed into this Box. Attained from secret codes that were deciphered through Maantefin, hidden within the Ancient Egyptian Occult Coffin Texts, these powerful blessings change your fate for the better. The Ankh symbol signifies Life, and regarded as the Key and Cross of Life by the Ancient Egyptians. They portrayed this symbol in the hands of the Gods, as well as inscribed it on the tombs of the deceased, symbolizing Eternal Life and New Life.

Ancient Egyptian Heka Magick is extremely old, extremely powerful, and formed the foundations of some of the most influential Magickal practices and secret societies today. It is an Innovative and Productive Force that taps into the unseen Occult Inherent Energies within the Universe, utilizing the Ultimate Force of Manifestation and Life Supporting Energy. Heka is also the Ancient Egyptian God of Divine Magick and the personification of Otherworldly wisdom. He empowers humans with the capability to achieve their desires, bringing supernatural ideas and thoughts to their conscious, and have those needs manifest into reality in their lives. He brings you profound wisdom, knowledge and understanding, bettering your life in exceptional ways. The power of both Heka Magick and God Heka will bring you unimaginable wealth & riches, love, beauty and a youthful appearance, healing, protection, past life discoveries, 3rd eye opening, spirit contact, increased psychic powers and the attainment of any goals you wish to see happen in your life. Especially beneficial for those seeking something new in their life, changes (new job, marriage/divorce, etc.), or are at a crossroads; to align yourself with the most powerful Blessings the Universe can provide you as you move forward.

As a sacred chamber wishing portal, simply write down any desire you’d like on a small slip of paper and place inside for materialization in our physical world. You could also simply open the box and mentally imbue your wishes inside. Included is an Ankh wishing charm, which you can hold or carry with you throughout your day, mentally imbuing it with your wishes, then returning it to the box for manifestation. The Ankh gives new “life” to whatever is inside or around the box! There is no limit to what you can wish for. It’s Lunar and Egyptian Heka powers of manifestation and blessings are endless.

This Sacred Box can also be utilized as a Metaphysical recharging/cleansing and amplifying power-boosting box for any of your Spellcast or Spirited talismans. Djinn would especially love to call this Home. You can place your items around, draped over, or inside the box for powerful enhancements, as your talismans will be pulsating with restorative universal regenerating powers. This energy will envelop your Magickals, expanding and bring to light their most powerful attributes. This will result in increased blessings and more results from them for your benefit.

This is a gorgeous sandstone box featuring Occult Egyptian carvings with outside measurements of: 3.5”L x 3.5”W x 3.5”H. The inside dimensions are: 2.25”L x 2.25”W x .75”H. You can place small amulets or rings inside. Included is the base metal Ankh wishing charm. Find a special place in your home or office for this captivating set! Limited stock.

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Egyptian Ankh Magick Heka God Box of Manifestation

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