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Dybbuk Box Female Malevolent Spirit Paranormal Oddity
My associates in the investigative field of Paranormal Research encounter many haunted dolls, relics and other items from their ghost hunting investigations. These items have shown incredible amounts of paranormal activity according to their testing devices, which include Mel-meter, Ovilus X, SB-7 Spirit box, K2, cameras, handheld voice thermal and video recorders and other inventions. They spend a substantial amount of time researching the history and backgrounds on the locations they investigate. I tap into my Psychic abilities and glean information from my Spirit Guides to find out more information about them.

This is a Dybbuk box which houses a malevolent female human Spirit. I don’t know her name, but you may certainly use your Metaphysical tools (pendulum, Ouija board, etc.) to work with her to find out more about her. This box was created in the early 50’s by two young girls who wanted to appease her. Inside the box, they placed a penny, a candle, hair of some sort, baby’s breath, and what appears to be some type of fossilized skull. These items are to be kept inside the box as an appeasement to the female Spirit within. Not much is known about this box, so I ask that whomever welcomes it be open to exploring it more, and have no fear of working with malevolent/demonic-type entities. Adult use only and prior experience working with darker natured Spirits is strongly preferred.

This box has demonstrated extreme paranormal activity. This has been in the forms of: orbs, shadows, misty vapors, sparkling light manifestations, cold spots, doors opening & closing, electrical disturbances, disembodied voices, objects moving, hearing footsteps and seeing full body apparitions. The paranormal activity varies, so you may or may not experience: the box moving positions, music playing on its own, hearing voices, hearing sounds such as tapping, knocking, etc., lights turning off/on or other electrical disturbances, unusual odors, or any other paranormal phenomenon with no reasonable explanation.

This box measures about 2” tall by 3” wide and has 3 legs, gold coloring with white wash, featuring a pink bouquet of flowers on the lid. It plays music, but I don’t know the name of the song. Simply keep someplace special in your home.

All information will be included in your shipment.

Dybbuk Box Female Malevolent Spirit Paranormal Oddity

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